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Thread: Hohm Press

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    Tish Davidson

    Hohm Press

    A neighbor just called me and said that after a legit agent had failed to sell her nonfiction book, she had submitted it to Hohm Press and they were sending her a contract. She wondered if I knew anything about them. I don't and when I googled them I only got their website. Could not find anything on P&E. Anyone have any info about them? They appear be a very small publisher and to specialize in new age-ish books (which more or less is a fit with her book).

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    XThe NavigatorX

    Re: Hohm Press Inquiry

    I don't know anything about them, but their best-selling books on Amazon seem to do pretty well.

    If you go to and put in information about a book, you can see if any borders stores stock them without having to get off your butt and look for yourself.

    If there's a 'Shelf Location' listed it means it's been stocked somewhere, and if you put in a specific Borders, it'll let you know if they have a copy.

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    aka eraser

    Re: Hohm Press Inquiry

    Thanks for that link X.

    My book still has "shelf." Yay!

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    Re: Hohm Press Inquiry

    That publisher is so cool! They published a vegetarian book!


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    Tish Davidson

    Re: Hohm Press Inquiry

    The book the neighbor has written is a parenting book about helping boys develop creativity and understanding and parenting boys whose interests are artistic/theatrical/literary/musical rather than sports and science oriented - or at least that's what I gather from what she tells me. Thanks for the bookstore placement link. Glad to hear that the pub looks legit. They don't pay and advance, but after 3 years of having an agent hawk her book around (it sat at Simon and Schuster for months while they debated publishing it and apparently deciding it was too similar to too many other titles) she just wants to get it out there.

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Hohm Press

    Still looking good.

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    HP is a wonderful small publisher in Prescott, Az. They have been around for many years and are an extremely reliable, highly regarded business. It should be noted that this is a religious institution devoted to the esoteric spiritual teachings of Lee Lozowick and his Hohm Community. They are motivated by spiritual values of the devotees, not by business or financial concerns, with all the subsequent advantages and also concerns that this might suggest.


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