"Learn Writing With Uncle Jim" started in September of 2003. Well over a year old, the thread shows no signs of losing momentum or popularity.

This poses a challenge for the new reader. There are a lot of pages to read, before jumping in to try and participate in an ongoing conversation.

This is the collected Wisdom of Uncle Jim, from the beginning of the thread--to save new readers from having to wade through all the pages of chit-chat.
HOWEVER--there IS a wealth of information in all that chit chat, to read when you have the time.

I've attempted to put quotation markers around questions Jim quoted, then answered, since I don't think the formatting is going to survive. Some of the archive transfer apparently deleted quoted information on the old board that was formatted in a specific manner. I've attempted to pull that information from the old board, whenever possible.

Any formatting errors are most likely mine. I'll be fixing links along the way, when I get a chance. The spelling mistakes are probably his--but I won't guarantee it.