I think Excel is a great tool for organizing ideas (I work in banking so I LIVE with Excel) but... it's really annoying to write longer texts in Excel. It's simply not created for that purpose. I use a mix of Excel and Scrivener for the outline. In excel its just more of scene by scene view - but with very little details. More like a code language with tags such as "conflict", "mystery", "romance". I arrange the scenes in a way to mix things up a bit... Excel is great to give you this big picture.

Call me old fashion, but my favorite tool is a simple small notepad (like flashcards, a bit of a thicker paper). Each page of the notepad is a "Main scene" where I describe what is happening and what is at stakes in a bit more details. I am still working on the first draft so I don't reference all the scenes, I let me characters decide what to do and decide if I should keep it or not

And btw - I am in Love with Scrivener. It is a life changing tool! <3