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    Everything Else

    Avoiding and Reporting Scams & Fraud

    General tips to avoid and escape scammers
    Reporting mail fraud
    Reporting to Consumer Affairs
    Reporting to as many agencies as possible
    Jenna Glatzer’s webcast
    Daniel Steven’s webcast
    The lies scammers tell about us
    Reporting spam
    Get “The Street-Smart Writer” FREE!
    Writers as mystery shoppers: understanding scams

    Avoid fee-charging agents. Period. Full stop.
    Fee-charging agents: right or wrong?
    Charging up front for copies
    Agents charging for postage
    Agents charging fees
    Aren’t agent fees part of the game?
    How much are agents allowed to charge?
    Processing fee versus reading fee

    Other scams to beware:
    Tsunami Relief
    Phishy publisher?
    Another phishy publisher?
    Scams aimed at editors
    Check-cashing scams
    Foreign lotteries
    Phishing email
    Magazine solicitors
    Guy posing as a publisher?
    Subscription renewals
    Content writing
    Work-at-home schemes
    Phishing websites
    Patent filing services

    Tales of woe and requests for help:


    Rights, Copyrights & Permissions

    Do I need to copyright my work?

    North American serial rights
    Using quotes for book blurbs
    Subsidiary rights and royalties
    Blocking Google cache
    Is my work now their property?
    Copyright vs publishing rights
    Acquiring rights to out-of-copyright work
    Copyright vs trademark
    Publishing a derivative work
    Life of Copyright

    Combating Piracy and Plagiarism


    How to Find An Agent and/or Publisher

    Finding an author’s agent
    Using agent/market guide books
    FAQ re: agents and publishers

    Evaluating Agents & Publishers
    Questions to ask author about publisher
    Good agency guidelines
    What is a fair contract?
    Don’t pay to be published!
    Asked to sign a waiver
    Who are the biggest publishers?
    Asking agents for their credentials
    New agents
    The Fisher Scale
    Testimonials a bad sign?
    Agents sharing address/office space
    Approaching foreign publishers
    Evaluating an agent’s sales
    Qualifying an agent to query
    Agent requiring pre-orders?
    Contract Language Question
    Why Pubilshers Fail.
    Startup small presses


    Response times / Coping with non-responsiveness
    Sites which track response times


    Navigating the World of Publishing

    How real publishing works
    How sales are reported
    How agents submit to publishers
    How are agents paid?
    Agent commissions
    Agents’ codes of ethics
    The slushpile: what it is and how to avoid it
    Effective distributors

    Negotiating novel contracts
    Charges upon termination
    Work-for-hire contracts
    Option clauses
    Renegotiating existing contract
    Non-disclosure agreements
    Writers’ Rights

    Royalties & Reserves
    Gross versus net
    Sale price versus cover price
    What if statement incorrect?
    Standard rates
    Payment net good or bad?
    Do publishers charge for returns?
    Reserves against returns



    Published Authors Have Problems, Too

    Publisher went out of business
    Publisher violated contract
    Communicating with agent
    Print reviews
    Publisher wants SSN
    Agent not selling my work
    Amazon reviews
    Are online stores really selling my book?
    Questions about a shady publisher
    Changes to contracts
    No contract?



    Surviving a Convention

    Viruses & Firewalls

    Coping with Harassment On- and Off-line

    Misc. questions, discussions & announcements

    Forum business

    Fried spam
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