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    Agents & Agencies - A thru J


    § Green = Primarily non-print-media agency (script/screen, etc.)
    Gray = No longer in [agenting] business.

    3 Seas Literary Agency (Michelle Grajkowski) Link

    8 Ball Literary Talent Agency (David Grant) Link

    AAA Books Unlimited (LaunchPad Media) (Nancy Rosenfeld) Link

    Aaland Agency, The (formerly The Abacus Group Literary Agency) (Jo Ann Krueger aka Terry Dawson) Link

    Aarau Literary Agency (formerly Sunflower Literary Agency) (Paul Muller) Link

    Aaron Literary Agency (Tom Moore) Link

    Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, The Link

    A+B Works (Amy & Brandon Jameson) Link

    § Abbot Entertainment, LLC (Spec Scout) (formerly Abbot Screenplay Management) (Tim Lambert) Link

    Abigail Windsor Literary Management (Abigail Kara Windsor) Link

    Abner Stein Literary Agency Link

    About Words Agency (Susan Graham, Felice Gums) Link

    Above the Line Agency (Above the Line Publishing) (Rima Greer) Link

    § Abrams Artists Agency (Steve Ross) Link

    Absolute Literary Group (div. of Marsh Literary Group) (Donnie Marsh) Link

    Acacia House Publishing Services Ltd. (Bill & Frances Hanna) Link

    Ackerman Agency (Forrest Ackerman) Link

    AC Literary (Arlene Cardoza) Link

    ADA Management Group (Lauren Hammond) Link

    Adams Literary (Tracey & Josh Adams) Link

    Adrian Streather Link

    § AEI Entertainment (The Story Merchant, The Writer’s Lifeline, Inc.) (Ken Atchity) Link

    Agencia Andrés de Kramer Link

    § Agency for the Performing Arts (APA Agency) (Beverly Drive Press) Link

    Agenzia Letteraria Idoli D'inchiostro (Literary House) (Alexis Avi, Linda Cooper, Antonia Masi) Link

    Agent's Ink (formerly Agents, Inc. for Medical and Mental Health Professionals) (Syd Harriet) Link

    AGI Vigliano Literary, LLC (Vigliano Books) (formerly Vigliano Associates) (David Vigliano) Link

    Ag Partners, LLC (formerly Brookland Assocs.) (Andrew Silvers) Link

    Aha Literary Group (Michael Barnhart) Link

    Ahearn Agency, The (Pamela Ahearn) Link

    A.H. Literary Agency (Alex Hernandez) Link

    Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd. (Gillon Aitken, Clare Alexander) Link

    AKA Literary Management (formerly AKA Literary Agency, Anita Kushen & Associates) Link

    Akin & Randolph Agency (Wanda Akin, Carol Randolph) Link

    Albert T. Longden Associates Link

    ALD Literary Agency (Leonid Dubizhansky) Link

    Alexander Field Literary Agency Link

    Alexander Hoyt Associates (Alex Hoyt) Link

    Alexandra Nye, Writers & Agents Link

    Alicia Brooks Editorial Services Link

    Alicka Pistek Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Alison Bond & Associates (aka Alison M. Bond Ltd.) Link

    Alison J. Picard Agency Link

    Allen O’Shea Literary Agency, LLC (Marilyn Allen, Coleen O’Shea) Link

    Allred and Allred Literary Agents (Robert Allred) Link

    ALM Tree Agency (Amber Leone) Link

    § Alpern Group, The (Jeff Alpern) Link

    Altair Literary Agency, LLC (Andrea Pedolsky) Link

    AMB Literary Management (Amy Moore-Benson) Link

    A. Mecke Company, Inc. (AMecke Co., Gluejar, (Amanda Mecke) Link

    Amer-Asia Books, Inc. (Global Book Rights) (Evelyn Lee) Link

    A.M.Heath & Co. Ltd. Link

    § Amiee Entertainment Agency (Joyce Amiee) Link

    Amy Rennert Agency, The Link

    Anderson Literary Agency, The (Giles Anderson) Link

    Anderson Literary Management, LLC (Kathleen Anderson) Link

    Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    Andrea Hurst & Associates, Literary Management Link

    Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd. (Thistle Publishing) Link

    Andrew Mann Literary Agency (div. of Andrew Mann Ltd.) Link

    Andrew Nurnberg Associates Int’l Ltd. Link

    Andy Ross Literary Agency Link

    A.N. Experience in Books (Portia Cannon) Link

    Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency, The Link

    Angelus Associates Ltd. (Yvonne Fitzpatrick-Grimes) Link

    Anne Clark Literary Agency Link

    Anne Edelstein Literary Agency Link

    Ann Elmo Agency, Inc. (Andree Abecassis, Lettie Lee) Link

    Annette Green Authors’ Agency (The Creative Writing Consultancy) Link

    Annie Bomke Literary Agency Link

    Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    § Anonymous Content (Steve Golin) Link

    Antony Harwood Ltd. Link

    Anthony Paluzzi Link

    Anubis Literary Agency (Anubis Education) (Steve Calcutt) Link

    Aponte Literary (Natalie Aponte) Link

    Appleseeds Management (S. James Foiles) Link

    April Eberhardt Literary (div. of Libra Nova, LLC) Link

    AP Watt Agency (div. of United Agents as of ‘12) Link

    Aragi, Inc. (Nicole Aragi) Link

    Arias Agency, The (Abelardo Arias, Richard Kendall) Link

    A. Richard Barber & Associates Link

    Arika Interrights Agency (Kate Thammano, Winnie Waropas) Link

    Arnold Gosewich Link

    Artellus Ltd. (Leslie Gardner) Link

    Arthur Fleming Associates Link

    Arthur B. Greene & Co. Link

    Artists & Artisans, Inc. (Adam Chromy) Link

    Ashley Glenn Link

    Ashley Grayson Literary Agency (Agency Editions) (Carolyn Grayson) Link

    Asli Karasuil Literary Agency (Asli Karasuil Telif Haklari Ajansi) Link

    Aspirations Literary Agency (Sheryl Renee Chester) Link

    Atomic Hollywood (George “Buck” Fowler, Ed Hansen) Link

    Audrey R. Wolf, Literary Agency (New Publishing Partners) Link

    August Agency, The (August Words Publishing) (Christina “Cricket” Freeman, Jeffery McGraw) Link

    Australian Literary Management (Lyn Tranter) Link

    Authentic Creations (Mary Lee, Cheryl & Ronald Laitsch) Link

    Author Literary Agents (John Havergal) Link

    Author Rights Agency Ltd. (Betimes Books) (Svetlana Pironko) Link

    Authors & Artists (Al Lowman) Link

    Authors' Clearinghouse, The (Jane Johnson, Kathy Thompson) Link

    Avenue A Literary, LLC (Jennifer Cayea) Link

    Axelrod Agency, The (Steven Axelrod) Link

    Ayanna Behin Literary Link

    Ayesha Pande Literary (formerly Collins Literary Agency) Link

    Azantian Literary Agency (Jennifer Azantian) Link

    Baker's Mark Literary Agency (Bernadette Baker, Gretchen Stelter) Link

    Baldi Agency (Malaga Baldi) Link

    Barbara Bauer Literary Agency (Literary Management Professionals) Link

    Barbara Bova Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Barbara Braun Associates, Inc. Link

    Barbara Casey Literary Agency (Publishers Update) Link

    § Barbara Hogenson Agency, The Link

    Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency Link

    Barbara Rifkind Literary Agency Link

    Barbara J. Zitwer Literary Agency Link

    Barer Literary, LLC (Julie Barer) Link

    Barnard Agency, The (Wendy Barnard) Link

    Barone Literary Agency, The (Denise Barone, Esq.) Link

    Baror International, Inc. (Danny Baror, Heather Baror-Shapiro) Link

    Barrett Books (Audra Barrett) Link

    Barrie Van Dyck Agency, Inc. Link

    Barron’s Literary Management (J. Adele Barron-Brooks) Link

    Barry Goldblatt Literary, LLC Link

    Barry-Swayne Literary Agency, The (Susan Barry, Lisa Swayne) Link

    Bart Andrew & Associates, Inc. Link

    Bawn Literary Agency (a.k.a. BAWN Publishers, Inc., Literary Agency) (Willie & Beverly Nason) Link

    Beinstock, LLC (formerly N.S. Beinstock, Inc.) (div. of UTA as of ’14) (Richard Leibner) Link

    Belcastro Agency (Sharon Belcastro) Link

    Belfrey Literary Agency, The (Belfry Media) (Mary Louise Schwartz) Link

    Bell Lomax Moreton Agency, The (Eddie & June Bell, Pat Lomax, Paul Moreton) Link

    Benedict & Associates (aka B.A. Literary Agency, Richard Castro Lit. Agency) (Phil Benedict aka Phil Raia aka Richard Castro) Link

    Bennett & West Literary Agency (Lois Bennett, Joan West) Link

    Benrey + Benrey, LLC (Benrey Literary, Greenbrier Book Company) (Janet & Ron Benrey) Link

    Bent Literary Agency, The (Jenny Bent) Link

    Berenice Hoffman Literary Agency Link

    Best Solution Author Agency (Dan Grogan, Karri Hiland) Link

    § Bethel Agency, The (Lewis R. Chambers) Link

    Beth Vesel Literary Agency, The Link

    Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises Link

    Betsy Nolan Literary Agency, The (div. of The Nolan/Lehr Group, Inc.) (Carla Glasser) Link

    Beverley Slopen Literary Agency (Bev Editions) Link

    BigScore Productions, Inc. (Starburst Publishers) (David Robie, Sharon Hanby-Robie) Link

    Bill Phillips & Associates Link

    B.J. Robbins Literary Agency Link

    BK Nelson, Inc. (aka The BK Nelson Literary Agency and Lecture Bureau) (Bonita Nelson) Link

    Black Hawk Literary Agency (Black Hawk Enterprises, LLC, Unicorn for Writers) (Jan L. Kardys) Link

    Blair Partnership, The (Neil Blair) Link

    § Blair Silver & Co., LLC Link

    Blake Friedmann (Carole Blake, Julian Friedmann) Link

    Blanche C. Gregory, Inc. Link

    Bleecker Street Associates, Inc. (Agnes Birnbaum) Link

    Bliss Literary Agency International, Inc. (Jenoyne Adams) Link

    Bloominghouse Literary (C.S. McCulloh) Link

    Blue Heron Literary (Amy Levenson) Link

    Blue Ridge Literary Agency (Sleuth Editing) (Dawn Dowdle) Link

    Blumer Literary Agency, Inc., The (Olivia & William Blumer) Link

    Blythe Daniel Agency, The Link

    Bobbe Seigel Literary Agency Link

    Bob Mecoy Literary Agency (formerly Creative Book Services) Link1 Link2

    Bob Robison & Associates (Robert Robison) Link

    Bond Literary Agency (Sandra Bond) Link

    Bond Literary Agents & Specialized Services (Frances Bond Literary Services) (Jean Gaiser) Link

    Bonnie Black Talent Agency Link

    Book Bureau Literary Agency, The (Geraldine Nichol) Link

    Bookcase Literary Agency (Flavia Viotti, Meire Dias) Link

    Book Cents Literary Agency, LLC (Christine Witthohn) Link

    Book Deals, Inc. (Caroline Carney) Link

    BookEnds, LLC (Beyond the Page Publishing) (Jessica Faust) Link

    Booker Albert Agency, The (Brittany Booker Carter, Jordy Albert) Link

    Book Group, The Link

    Books & Such Literary Management (Janet Grant) Link

    BooksDreamer Literary Agency (Matteo Zapparelli, Elisa Squinzani, Mariachiara Cabrini) Link

    BookStop Literary Agency, LLC (Kendra Marcus) Link

    Bookworm Literary Group, The (Phyllis Jager) Link

    Bradford Literary Agency (Laura Bradford) Link

    Braggs Literary Group (Jeremy Braggs) Link

    Brandon & Associates Literary Agents (B&A Publishers) (John King, Jenni Stace) Link

    Brands-to-Books, Inc. (Robert Allen, Kathleen Spinelli) Link

    Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. (Carl Brandt, Gail Hochman) Link

    Brandt New Agency (Carina Brandt) Link

    Bresnick Weil Literary Agency, LLC (div. of Paul Bresnick Literary Agency) Link

    B.R. Fleury Agency (Blanche Fleury) Link

    Brick House Literary Agents (Sally Wofford-Girand) Link

    Bright Lights Associates (Suzanne Hoos) Link

    Bright Literary Agency (div. of Bright Group International Ltd.) (Vicki Willden-Lebrecht) Link

    Broadland Literary (Lisa Jane Weller) Link

    Brock Gannon Literary Agency (Louise Peters) Link

    Brower Literary & Management (Kimberly Brower) Link

    Browne & Miller Literary Associates, LLC (Jane Jordan Browne, Danielle Egan-Miller) Link

    Brown Ink Books, LLC (Brown Publishing) (Aisha Johnson) Link

    Bryan Drew Ltd. Link

    Bukowski Agency, The (Denise Bukowski) Link

    Bunch Literary Agency (Mads Bunch) Link

    California Literary Services (formerly West Coast Literary) (Richard VanDerBeets, James Haversham) Link

    Calliope Content Development (Sara Wolski) Link

    Cambridge Literary Associates (Ralph & Mike Valentino) Link

    § Cameron’s Management (aka The Cameron Cresswell Agency) (Jane Cameron) Link

    Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency Link

    Cantrell-Colas, Inc. (Maryanne Colas-Thibouville) Link

    § Capital Talent Agency, LLC (Roger Yoerges) Link

    CardenWright Literary Agency (Genevieve & Philippe Carden, Rachel Wright) Link

    Carnicelli Literary Management (Matthew Carnicelli) Link

    Carole Abel Literary Agency Link

    Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Link

    Carol Mann Agency Link

    Carol Susan Roth Literary & Creative (aka Author’s Best) Link

    Carolyn Jenks Agency Link

    Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd. Link

    Carroll Grace Literary Agency (Patricia Jozwiakowski, Sonuia “Sunny” Mays) Link

    Cascade Literary Agency (Jewelann Cone) Link

    Caskie Mushens Agency (Robert Caskie, Juliet Mushens) Link

    Castiglia Literary Agency (Julie Castiglia) Link

    Catbird Productions (Kirsten Hall) Link

    Chalberg & Sussman (Terra Chalberg, Rachel Sussman) Link

    Chambers Literary & Film Agency (div. of Chambers Solicitors aka Chambers Mediators Int’l) (Leina Yadev) Link

    Chamein Canton Agency (aka Canton Smith Agency) (Eric Smith) Link

    Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency, The Link

    Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency Link

    Chase Literary Agency (Farley Chase) Link

    § Chasin Agency, The (Tom Chasin) Link

    Cherry Weiner Literary Agency Link

    Cheryl McCarthy Literary Agency Link

    Cheryl T. Pillsbury Link

    Choate Agency, The (Michael Choate) Link

    Chris Fortunato Literary Agency (Wayland Square Editions) Link

    Christina Ward Literary Agency Link)

    Christopher Little Literary Agency, The Link

    Chudney Agency, The (Steven Chudney) Link

    § Cine/Lit Representation (Anne Cottle, Mary Alice Kier) Link

    Circle Literary Agency, The (Sam Vargo) Link

    CK Webber Associates (Carlie Webber) Link

    Claire Gerus Literary Agency Link

    Clarence-Christian Agency, The (B. Christian) Link

    Clark Management Co., Inc. (Vicki Clark) Link

    Clark, Mendelson, and Scott (aka Franklin-Madison L.A.) (formerly Capital L.A., Washington L.A., et al.) (Samuel Asinugo) Link

    Clear Sailing Creatives (Clear Mountain Creatives) (Beth Fleisher) Link

    Cohen Agency, The (Roberta Cohen) Link

    Colchie Agency, The (Thomas & Elaine Colchie) Link

    Collage Literary (div. of Hawkins + Company) (Laurie Hawkins) Link

    Collier Associates (Dianna Collier-Warner) Link

    Colosseum Management (Casper Lundbak, Maria Simonsen) Link

    Communications Management Associates (aka CMA, CMALA) (formerly Part-Time Productions) (Tom Lee) Link

    Connor Literary Agency (Marlene Connor Lynch, Deborah Connor Coker) Link

    Connie Clausen Associates Link

    Conville & Walsh Ltd. (Claire Conville, Patrick Walsh) Link

    Cooke Agency, The (The Cooke Agency Int’l) (Dean Cooke, Sally Harding, et al.) Link1 Link2

    Coombs Moylett & McClean Literary Agency (The Fiction Editors) (formerly Coombs Moylett L.A.) (Lisa Moylett, Jamie McClean) Link

    Cornerstone Literary, Inc. (Helen Breitwieser) Link

    Corning Agency, The (Alix Taylor) Link

    Corvisiero Literary Agency (Literary Powerhouse Consulting (LitPow Portal)) (Marisa Corvisiero) Link

    Cowles Agency, The (formerly The Cowles-Ryan L.A.) (Katherine Cowles) Link

    Craig Nelson Company, The Link

    Craig Wiley Agency, The Link

    Crane Literary Agency Link

    Creative Artists Agency, The (Demetria Brandon aka Raven Dupre aka Chandra Bullock) Link

    Creative Authors Ltd. (Isabel Atherton) Link

    Creative Culture, The (Mary Ann Naples, Debra Goldstein) Link

    Creative Media Agency, Inc. (Paige Wheeler) Link

    Creative Script Services (Kathryn Knowlton) Link

    Creative Trust, Inc. (formerly Helmers Literary Services) (Kathryn Helmers) Link

    Credo Communications, LLC (Credo House Publishers) (Tim Beals) Link

    Crichton & Associates, Inc. (Sha-Shana N.L. Crichton) Link

    Croce Agency, The (Nicholas Croce) Link

    Cross Wind Agency (Anita Melograna) Link

    CSG Literary Partners, LLC (MDM Management, LLC) (Steven Harris, Michele Martin) Link

    CS International Literary Agency (Cynthia Neesemann) Link

    Culinary Entertainment Agency, The (formerly The Culinary Cooperative, Psaltis Literary) (Michael Psaltis) Link

    Cullen Stanley International Agency, Inc. (Stephanie Koven) Link

    Curtis Brown Australia Pty. Ltd. Link

    Curtis Brown Group Ltd. (UK) (Curtis Brown Creative) Link

    Curtis Brown Ltd. (US) Link

    Cynthia Manson Literary Agency Link

    Cynthia Vann Literary Services (formerly Cynthia Vann L.A.) Link

    CYNTOMedia Corp. (CYNTOM Cinema Productions) (formerly The Lee Shore Company Ltd.) (Cynthia Sterling) Link

    Cypher Agency, The (James R. Cypher) Link

    D4EO Literary Agency (formerly D4EO Literary Partners) (Robert Diforio) Link

    Damaris Rowland Agency, The Link

    Dana Newman Literary, LLC Link

    Daniel Bial Agency (Daniel Bial Editing) Link

    Daniel Literary Group (Greg Daniel) Link

    Daniels Books, LLC (Leslie Daniels) Link

    Dan Peragine Agency Link

    Darhansoff & Verrill (formerly Darhansoff Verrill Feldman) (Liz Darhansoff, Chuck Verrill) Link

    § Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency (Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency) Link

    Davey Literary & Media (Tricia & Beth Davey) Link

    David Black Literary Agency, The Link

    David Godwin Associates Ltd. (aka DGA Ltd.) (Heather Godwin) Link

    § David Higham Associates Link

    David Rompf Literary Agency Link

    Davis|Wager Literary Agency (Timothy Wager) Link

    D.C. Jacobson & Associates, LLC (Don Jacobson) Link

    Deborah Harris Agency, The Link

    Debra Fishpaw Literary Agency Link

    § Dee Mura Literary (Dee Mura Enterprises, Inc.) Link

    DeFiore and Company (formerly DeFiore and Company Author Services) (Brian DeFiore) Link

    Delphinius Talent Management (Nick Gulascy, Jr., Cynthia Roberts (formerly Brohas-Gulascy)) Link

    Denise Shannon Literary Agency Link

    Denouement Literary Agency (Bliss Books, Portals Publishing) (Evelyn Rainey) Link

    Desert Rose Agency (Leanne Murphy) Link

    D.H.H. Literary Agency (David Headley) Link

    DHS Literary, Inc. (David Hale Smith) Link

    Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency (Ella Diamond Kahn, Bryony Woods) Link

    Diana Finch Literary Agency Link

    Diane Banks Associates Ltd. Link

    Distal Group Mindstreaming Technologies (Anne M. Volmering) Link

    Dixie, The Literary Agency (Ron Autrey) Link

    Doe Coover Agency, The Link

    Dominick Abel Literary Agency Link

    Donadio & Olsen, Inc. (Candida Donadio, Neil Olsen) Link

    Donaghy Literary Group (Stacey Donaghy) Link

    Donald Maass Literary Agency Link

    § Don Buchwald & Associates, Inc. Link

    Don Congdon Associates, Inc. (Michael Congdon) Link

    Don Gastwirth & Associates Link

    Dorian Literary Agency (Dorothy “Dot” Lumley) Link

    Dorie Simmonds Agency Ltd. Link

    Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, The (aka The DSM Agency) Link

    Doug Grad Literary Agency, Inc. Link

    Doyen Literary Services, Inc. (Barbara “BJ” Doyen) Link

    Dreisbach Literary Management (Verna Dreisbach) Link

    Drew Nelson Book Agency Link

    Drew S. Maser and Associates, Literary Agents Link

    DRS Agency, The (David R. Shephard) Link

    § du Jour Films & Entertainment, Inc. (div. of Gypsy Productions) (Robert “Gypsy” Miller) Link

    Duncan McAra Literary Agency Link

    Dunham Literary, Inc. (Rhoda Weyr Agency) (Jennie Dunham) Link

    Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency (Henry Dunow, Jennifer Carlson, Betsy Lerner) Link

    Dupree/Miller & Associates (Jan Miller) Link

    Durant Literary Agency (Tiffany Durant) Link

    Durkin Entertainment Group (formerly WriterzWorld Network, Durkin Artists Agency) (Debbie Durkin, Sara Gilmore) Link

    Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, LLC (formerly Dystel & Goderich Lit. Mgmt.) (Jane Dystel, Miriam Goderich, Michael Bourret) Link

    Eames Literary Services, LLC (John Eames) Link

    Earth Angels Literary Management (aka EarthAngels, Earthlight) (Attica Peece) Link

    Easley Literary Agency, LLC (Kiesha Easley) Link

    East/West Literary Agency (Deborah Warren) Link

    Eaton Literary Agency, Inc. (Ralph Eaton. Larry Parr) Link

    Ebeling & Associates (The Ebeling Agency) (Michael Ebeling) Link

    EBP Literary Agency, LLC (Emma Penick) Link

    § Eddie Kritzer Productions Link

    Eddison Pearson Ltd. (Clare Pearson) Link

    Eden Street, LLC (Liza Pulitzer-Voges) Link

    Edite Kroll Literary Agency Link

    Ed Victor Ltd. (Bedford Square Books) Link

    Edward Armstrong Literary Agency Link

    Edward Cecil Literary Agency, The (Daisy Frost) Link

    Edythea Ginis Selman Literary Agency (Edy Selman) Link

    Einstein Literary Management (formerly Einstein Thompson Agency) (Susanna Einstein) Link

    Elaine Davie Literary Agency Link

    Elaine P. English, PLLC Link

    Elaine Koster Literary Agency, LLC Link

    Elaine Markson Literary Agency (formerly Markson & Thoma L.A.) Link

    Elise Dillsworth Agency Link

    Elite Finesse Literary Agency (aka The Elite Finesse Literary Publishing Agency) (formerly Finesse Literary Agency) (Karen Carr aka K.E. Carr) Link

    Elite Online Literary Agency (Daniel Kane) Link

    Elizabeth Cavanaugh Link

    Elizabeth Goodman Link

    Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency, The Link

    Ellen F. Denison, Literary Agent Link

    Elyse Cheney Literary Associates, LLC Link

    Emerald City Literary Agency (Mandy Hubbard) Link

    Emerald Literary Agency (Debra Rodman) Link

    Emil Cioran Literary Agency Link

    Emilie Stewart Literary Agency Link

    Emma Sweeny Agency Link

    Empire Literary, LLC (Andrea Barzvi) Link

    Endeavor Agency, The (Richard Abate) Link

    Epstein Literary Agency, The (EpsteinWords) (Kate Epstein) Link

    Erin Murphy Literary Agency Link

    Errata Literary, Inc. (formerly Errate Press Ltd.) (Donald & Elisabeth Swaim) Link

    Estephan Talent Agency (Joseph Estephan) Link

    Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, The (Worldbuilders Press, et al.) Link

    Euro 1 Motion Picture & Literary Agency (aka Euro Literary Agency) (Dzejn “Jane” Vujic) Link

    Evan Marshall Agency, The (The Marshall Plan) (Martha Jewett) Link

    § Evatopia Entertainment (Evatopia Academy, Evatopia Press) (Margery Walshaw) Link

    Eve White: Literary Agent Link

    Eyebait Management (Jane Putch) Link

    Fairbank Literary Representation (Sorche Fairbank) Link

    Faith Childs Literary Agency Link

    Falkin Literary (Mark Falkin) Link

    Fallon Literary Agency (Eileen Fallon) Link

    Fann Literary and Art Agent (Frankie Ann White) Link

    Farber Literary Agency (Ann, Donald & Seth Farber) Link

    Farris Literary Agency, Inc. (Mike Farris, Suasn Morgan Farris) Link

    Faye Bender Literary Agency Link

    Felicia Eth Literary Representation Link

    Fenton Entertainment Group, Inc. (Robert L. Fenton) Link

    Ferguson Literary Agency, The (Cheryl Ferguson) Link

    Fielding Agency, The (Whitney Lee) Link

    Fifi Oscard Agency, Inc. (Peter Sawyer, Carolyn French) Link

    Film Literary Group (Gray Fox Films) (formerly Beverly Hills Lit. Consultants, Inc., Gray/Goodman, Inc.) (Stephan Gray) Link

    Finchley Road Literary (Rebecca Gradinger) Link

    Fine Literary Management (Susan Finesman) Link

    FinePrint Literary Management (Peter Rubie, Stephany Evans) Link

    Firebrand Literary (Story Complex) (Nadia Cornier, Cristi Marchetti) Link

    Fischer-Harbage Agency, The (Ryan & Laura Fischer-Harbage) Link

    Flannery Literary (Jennifer Flannery) Link

    Fleck Agency, The (formerly Professional Media Services) (Robert Fleck) Link

    Fletcher & Co., LLC (formerly Fletcher & Parry) (Christy Fletcher) Link

    Flora Roberts, Inc. Link

    Florida Literary Agency, The (Kevin DiTanna) Link

    Fogelman Literary Agency, The (Evan Fogelman) Link

    FOG Literary Agency (Sue Flammang) Link

    Folio Literary Management, LLC (Folio Jr.) (Scott Hoffman, Jeff Kleinman) Link

    Font Literary Agency (Aine McCarthy aka Orna Ross) Link

    Forte Associates (Jeanne Forte Dube) Link

    Foster Literary Agency (Tina Foster) Link

    Foundry Literary + Media (Peter McGuigan, Yfat Reiss Gendell) Link

    Fountain Literary (Jennifer de la Fuente) Link

    Fox Chase Agency (A. L. & Jo C. Hart) Link

    Fox Literary Agency (Diana Fox) Link

    Fox Mason Ltd. (Ben Mason) Link

    FRA (formerly Futerman, Rose & Associates) (Guy Rose) Link

    Frances Collin (formerly Marie Rodell Frances Collin Literary Agency) Link

    Frances Goldin Literary Agency, Inc. (Ellen Geiger, Sam Stoloff) Link

    Fraser-Bub Literary (MacKenzie Fraser-Bub) Link

    Fraser Ross Associates (Lindsey Fraser, Kathryn Ross) Link

    Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. ("Freddie" Friedman) Link

    Fresh Books, Inc. (Matt Wagner) Link

    Friedrich Agency, The (Molly Friedrich) Link

    FrontMatter & Associates (John Banks) Link

    Full Circle Literary, LLC (Stefanie von Borstel, Lilly Ghahremani) Link

    Furniss Lawton (div. of James Grant Group) (Eugenie Furniss, Rowan Lawton) Link

    Fuse Literary (Short Fuse) (formerly Foreword Literary) (Laurie McLean, Gordon Warnock) Link

    G Agency, LLC (Jeff Gerecke) Link

    § Gallagher Literary (Gallagher Talent) (div. of Gallagher Entertainment) (Rob Gallagher) Link

    Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency (formerly Nancy Gallt Literary Agency) (Marietta Zacker) Link

    Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management (formerly Gandolfo Helin Lit. Mgmt.) (Italia Gandolfo, Calvin Helin, Renee Fountain) Link

    Garamond Agency, The (Lisa Adams, David Miller) Link

    § Gary-Paul Agency, The (Garret Maynard) Link

    Gary S. Wohl Literary Agency Link

    Gateway Literary Agency (Terri Baranowski) Link

    Gelfman Schneider Literary Agents (Jane Gelfman, Deborah Schnieder) Link

    Gerard McCauley Agency Link

    Gernert Company, The (David Gernert) Link

    § Gersh Agency, The (Bob & David Gersh) Link

    Ghosh Literary (Anna Ghosh) Link

    Gilbert Literary Agency (div. of Hawkspurr Productions) (Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert) Link

    Gillian MacKenzie Agency Link

    Gina Maccoby Literary Agency Link

    Gislason Agency, The (Blue Diamond Enterprises, Blue Raven Press) (Barbara Gislason) Link

    Glass Literary Management (Alex Glass) Link

    Glenn Sobel Management Link

    § Global Lion Intellectual Pty. Mgmt. (21st Century Lion Books) (formerly PMA Literary & Film Management, Millennium Lion, Inc.) (Peter Miller) Link

    Global Literary Management, LLC (Didier Imbot, Stephanie Abou, et al.) Link

    Global Talent Representatives, Inc. (G.T.R., Inc.) (formerly National Writers' Lit. Agency) (Andrew J. Whelchel III) Link

    G. Michael Short Link

    Goldfarb & Associates (Ronald Goldfarb) Link

    Golden West Literary Agency (John Tuska, Vicki Piekarski) Link

    Golden Wheat Literary (Jessica Schmeidler) Link

    GO Literary (Amaryah Orenstein) Link

    Goodman Associates (Arnold Goodman, Elise Simon Goodman) Link

    § Gotham Group, The (Ellen Goldsmith-Vein) Link

    Gotham Literary Agency Ltd. (Nathalie Scott) Link

    Grace Morgan Literary Agency Link

    Grant Agency, The (Steve Grant) Link

    Graybill & English, LLC (Nina Graybill, Elaine English) Link

    Grayhaus Literary Agency (Scott Eagan) Link

    Grayhawk Agency, The (Gray Tan) Link

    Great Titles, Inc. (Tina Tsallas) Link

    Greene & Heaton Ltd. (Elaine Greene, Carol Heaton) Link

    Greenhouse Literary Agency, The (Sarah Davies) Link

    Gregory & Company Authors' Agents (Jane Gregory) Link

    Gregory Literary Agency, LLC (Steven Gregory) Link

    Greystone Literary Agency (Michael Mancilla) Link

    Grosvenor Literary Agency, The (Deborah Grosvenor) Link

    Guma Agency, The (Matthew Guma) Link

    Gunn Global Media (Gunn Media Enterprises) (Ali Gunn) Link

    GuruGirls (Lisa Grant) Link

    Gwendolyn Heasley Literary Agency Link

    Halston Freeman Literary Agency (Betty Halston, Molly Freeman) Link

    Halyard Literary Agency (Alaina Grayson) Link

    Hanbury Agency, The (Margaret Hanbury) Link

    Handspun Literary Agency, Inc. (Courtney Miller-Callihan) Link

    Hannah Rogers Link

    Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency (Carrie Hannigan, Jesseca Salky, Josh Getzler) Link

    Harold Matson Company (Jonathan Matson) Link

    Harold Ober Associates, Inc. (Craig Tenney) Link

    Harold Schmidt Literary Agency Link

    Harris Literary Agency (Barbara J. Harris) Link

    Harris, Harris & Donahue Ltd. (Alan & Trevor Harris, Susan Donahue) Link

    Hartline Literary Agency (Joyce Hart) Link

    Hart Literary Management (Susan Hart) Link

    Harvey Klinger, Inc. Link

    Heacock Hill Literary Agency (Catt LeBaigue, Peter Danison aka Tom Dark) Link

    Heacock Literary Agency (James Heacock & Rosalie Heacock Thompson) Link

    Helen Brann Agency Link

    Helen Heller Agency, The (Sarah Heller) Link

    Helen F. Pratt, Inc. Link

    Hen&Ink Literary Studio (Erzsi Deak) Link

    § Henry Morrison, Inc. Link

    Herman Agency, Inc. (Ronnie Ann Herman) Link

    Hermes the Literary Agency (Susan Wells) Link

    Hershman Rights Management (Sarah Hershman) Link

    hhb agency ltd. (Heather Holden-Brown) Link

    Hill & Hill Literary Agency (Christopher Hill) Link

    Hill Nadell Literary Agency (formerly Frederick Hill/Bonnie Nadell L. A., Frederick Hill Assocs.) Link

    Holloway Literary Agency (Nikki Terpilowski) Link

    Hoover, Sanders Literary Agency (Douglas Hoover, Cheryl Sanders) Link

    Hopkins Literary Associates (Pamela Hopkins) Link

    Hornfischer Literary Management, L.P. (Jim Hornfischer) Link

    § Hotchkiss and Associates, Inc. (Jody Hotchkiss) Link

    Houle Agency, The (Christina Houle) Link

    Howard Morhaim Literary Agency Link

    Hughes Capital Entertainment (Patrick Hughes) Link

    Hummingbird Literary (Mira Reisberg) Link

    Hyatt Literary Agency (Linda Hyatt) Link

    Hy Cohen Literary Agency Ltd. Link

    ICM Partners (formerly International Creative Management) Link

    ICM/Sagalyn (formerly Sagalyn Literary Agency) (Raphael Sagalyn) Link

    IMG Literary (div. of IMG World) (Lisa Queen) Link

    IMG Management (div. of IMG Music Productions, Inc.) (Tyra Buburuz) Link

    Immersion Management (John Salcido, Andy Pelletier) Link

    Imprint Agency, Inc. (Stephany Evans) Link

    Independent Literary (formerly Dinsdale Imber) (Robert Dinsdale, Kirstie Imber) Link

    Indent Literary Agency (Andrea Montejo) Link

    Inga Hessel Literary Agency Link

    Inklings Literary Agency, LLC (Michelle Johnson) Link

    inko, Inc. (Sue Yuen) Link

    InkWell Management, LLC (formerly Carlisle & Co.) (Michael Carlisle, Richard Pine, Kimberly Witherspoon) Link

    Innisfree Literary (Margaret O’Connor) Link

    Inspira Group, The (Darin Jewell) Link

    § Integrity Artists Management (Tom Townsend) Link

    International Independent Literary Agents Association (IILAA) Link

    International Literary Arts, LLC (Pamela Brodowsky) Link

    International Transactions, Inc. (Yucca Publishing) (Peter & Sandra Riva) Link

    Irene Goodman Literary Agency Link

    Irene Skolnick Literary Agency Link

    § Irene Webb Productions (formerly Irene Webb Literary) Link

    Isabel White Link

    J.A. Weber Literaturagentur GmbH (Julie Weber) Link

    JABberwocky Literary Agency (Joshua Blimes) Link

    § Jack Scagnetti Talent & Literary Agency (Craig Scagnetti) Link

    § Jago Ciro Entertainment (Kimberly Jago, Fabio Ciro) Link

    James Charlton Associates Link

    James B. Finn Literary Agency Link

    James Fitzgerald Agency Link

    James Frenkel & Associates (Joan Vinge) Link

    James Literary Agency, Inc. (Jonathan James) Link

    James Peter Associates, Inc. (Bert Holtje) Link

    Jan Dennis Literary Services (formerly The Jan P. Dennis Lit. Agency) Link

    Jane Chelius Literary Agency Link

    Jane Dowary Agency (Julia Sarah Levin) Link

    Jane Rotrosen Agency, LLC (Jane Rotrosen Berkey) Link

    Janet Kay & Associates (JanGeo Ink Publishing Company, Helping Hand Literary Service, Harrison & Company Literary) (Janet Kay, George Titsworth, Sonny Harrison) Link1 Link2

    Janis A. Donnaud & Associates, Inc. Link

    Janklow & Nesbit Associates (Morton Janklow, Lynn Nesbitt) Link

    Jason Yarn Literary Agency Link

    JCA Literary Agency (Tom & Melanie Cushman) Link

    J. de S. Associates, Inc. (Jacques de Spoelberch) Link

    Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, The Link

    Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency Link

    Jeff Herman Agency, The (Jeff & Deborah Herman) Link

    Jeffrey Simmons Literary Agency Link

    Jellinek & Murray Literary Agency (Jellinek & Murray Publishing) (Roger Jellinek, Eden-Lee Murray) Link

    Jenée Arthur Agency (formerly Rellihan Satterlee) Link

    Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, The Link

    Jennifer Etherton Literary Services Link

    Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency (formerly Lyons & Pande International) Link

    Jenny Brown Associates Link

    Jenny Meyer Literary Agency Link

    JET Literary Associates, Inc. (Disc-Us Books) (Jim Trupin, Elizabeth Trupin-Pulli) Link

    JetReid Literary Agency (Janet Reid) Link

    Jia-Xi Books Co. Ltd. (Hsin-Hua Liu) Link

    Jill Grinberg Literary Management Link

    Jill Grosjean Literary Agency Link

    Jim Donovan Literary Link

    J. Joyce Agency, The (Waltner & Associates, Tri-Pod Entertainment Publishing) (Jennifer Philips-Joyce) Link

    JLA Literary Agency (Jay Lace) Link

    Joan Brandt Agency, The Link

    Joanna Lewis Cole Link

    Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency (New Talent Press) Link

    Jody Rein Books, Inc. (Author Planet, BookProposalPro) Link

    Joelle Delbourgo Associates, Inc. (JDA Publishing Services) Link

    John Boswell Associates (John Boswell Management, Inc.) Link

    John Hawkins & Associates, Inc. Link

    John Jarrold Link

    Johnson & Alcock Ltd. (John Johnson, Michael Alcock) Link

    Johnson Literary Agency (formerly Caren Johnson L.A.) (Caren Johnson Estesen) Link

    Johnson-Warren Literary Agency (formerly James Warren L.A.) (Billie Johnson) Link

    John A. Ware Literary Agency Link

    John White Literary Agency Link

    John W. Wright Literary Agency (aka John Wright Literary Assocs.) Link

    Jonathan Clowes Ltd. (Ann Evans) Link

    Jonathan Dolger Agency, The Link

    Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency Link

    Jones Hutton Literary Associates (Hutton [Electronic] Publishing) (formerly Hutton & Hutton Agency) (Caroline DuBois Hutton) Link

    § Jon Klane Company, The (formerly The Jon Klane Agency) Link

    Joseph S. Ajlouny Literary Agency Link

    Joy Harris Literary Agency, The Link

    Judith Ehrlich Literary Management Link

    Judith Riven Literary Agent Link

    Jud Laghi Agency, The (Megawatt Press) Link

    Julia Livshin Link

    Julia Lord Literary Management (div. of Lymehouse Productions, Inc.) Link

    Julie A. Hill & Associates, LLC (formerly Hill Media & Literary Agency) Link

    Julie McIntyre Link

    Justak Literary Services, Inc. (Marta Justak) Link
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