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Hmmm, I'm not sure, V. He just told me that he keeps first rights. I think he means that he's free to query traditional publishers right away, in which case, what would you call that? I haven't gone through the publication process yet, so I'm quite green when it comes to terminology...
I expect that's a nonexclusive contract (which just means that he's free to publish anywhere else at the same time, as opposed to being restricted to publishing with that company only). However, unless he sells a lot of copies (say, 5,000 or so within the first six months to a year of release) a POD-pubbed book isn't likely to interest an agent or a commercial publisher. If that's his ultimate goal, this is not the right route to take. Some people think that if they can just "get it out there," it'll help them find commercial publication, but for most writers, this really isn't true.

Ann and I have blogged on this subject.

- Victoria