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New authors seeking publication face a great challenge because publishing companies flooded with unsolicited manuscripts simply do not have resources to take a chance on unproven talent.
This is the standard line vanity and POD presses use in order to justify their existence. It's a classic "you're sunk, so don't even bother trying - come with us because we'll give you the chance you deserve." It's the used car salesman pitch. The car may be shiny on the outside, but don't dare look under the hood. That's where your money pit lives.

And what's this line about "unproven talent"? If a new writer bangs out a fabulous and marketable book, I'd say they've proven their talent in spades. New authors are extended solid, legit publishing contracts every day and their books sell very well. If you want to promote your business of pay-to-play, then I recommend doing this with a better sales pitch because lying to your potential customers doesn't create a solid foundation of trust, does it?