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Thread: [Publisher] Trafford

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    Stop NOW!

    Pay a service like Trafford to 'publish' your book?

    Seven hundred dollars? Ridiculous. The only one who makes any money is Trafford. If you want to self-publish your book, let's try a better example.

    How about Lightning Source? Set up a bank account in the name of a publisher (you), even if it's 'Joe Citizen Books'. Then buy 10 isbns with your own prefix for $250. Drop another $120 or so on the upload fee for your book, assign that sucker one of the ISBN's, and then upload your cover and text files to them. They charge you 12 dollars a year to keep that book in the database. can obtain say, a six-by-nine novel at around 170 pages for something like 3.25 a copy for single copies. Set a wholesale price for the book at LSI. Make it 50-55% (and no more) of what is referred to as 'normal retail' for that size/type book. Make sure you also upload your book info and thumbnails to google, barnes, amazon, booksurge, etc.

    Book jobbers at Amazon and elsewhere will add your book to their lists because they can get it wholesale. LSI's 'New Release' newsletter reaches more than 10,000 outlets a month.

    Since you can now obtain your book at less than wholesale from LSI, you can also market that book legitimately to bookstores.

    I kind of speeded through this post, so I may have missed on a couple of things, but this process is much better than just forking over money to folks who are going to charge YOU more than wholesale just to get a copy of your own book. And bookstore sales? Forget it. Bookstores won't touch anything they can't get wholesale. Or very little.

    I speak from experience here. Adventure Books of Seattle went through for three and a half years. Our books were all less than ten dollars, which made them cheaper than 90% of the other books at Lulu. Ours are pro-edited and formatted. Still...we sold not that many copies.

    We are dumping Lulu and moving over to LSI. One book is there. The rest will follow soon, as well as our magazine. Our upcoming release isn't even being uploaded to Lulu this time. The only thing they are good for is ordering proof copies, IMHO. That's because they charge zero dollars to make changes, and LSI charges a bundle. Your files to LSI must be LETTER PERFECT. So...use Lulu to check proofs. You do this by selecting the 'Available Only To Me' option when publishing at Lulu, and then you order a copy to check for errors or image problems. If there are errors, fix them and reload and order another copy. When you get it right, contact your LSI rep (they assign someone to you) and get ready to upload your cover and text.

    If you have a problem with Trafford, the best route to go, believe it or to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It's one of the few organizations dishonest publishers fear. The form is on their website.
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