I have some experience with Trafford. I'll pass it along for information purposes. I hope I don't ruffle any feathers.

I have not published any of my own work with them, but have a friend who wrote a self-help book. She wrote it with the intention of selling it on her self-help website. For under $1,000, she had her book printed (I formatted the files and sent to Trafford). She sells about 30 per month from her website and another five or six a month through Amazon.

She has made a little money on it. Each month that goes by adds a little more.

I had no problems dealing with Trafford. They gave her exactly what they said they would. For her, I think Trafford was a good choice.

For most writers, I would not recommend Trafford. If you have been rejected a hundred times and just want to see your book in print, you will do whatever it takes - even spend some money.

However, if all you want is to see a copy of your hard work in print, you can go to cafepress and have that done for about $15.