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Thread: [Publisher] Trafford

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    Trafford lies about the royalties.

    I have posted in POD about how trafford DOES NOT list ROYALTIES.

    There is evidence and i am sure that many more people are been duped out of their royalties. If you have or suspect that you have please contact me.


    below is the post i put in POD:


    Hi Guys,

    I have some proof that Trafford IS NOT Honest about their dealings with the royalties. The email below was sent to me today. I too am sure there are many more. If you are one of them or you suspect something please email me.


    The Email:

    Hi Kevin,

    Excuse the interruption, however, I was given your e-mail address from a gentleman in Seattle, Washington
    who I have been in contact with regarding issues with Trafford Publishing. I found a "blog" that you had written
    which expressed a sentiment that I think many are feeling but to unaware to address. Your blog related to the
    lack of royalty reporting by Trafford and I am deep in the middle of trying to get them to address the same issue
    with me. I have published two books with Trafford in the past 1 1/2 years and have yet to receive any royalties
    or even reported sales from online booksellers like amazon and barnes and noble. As a marketing person by
    profession, I purchased copies of my own books from these sites so that I could track sales, as well as
    document orders not only for myself, but for my customers as well. Trafford has consistently given me the
    "run around" about these orders and claims that they have not received the necessary information from the
    book distributors in order for these sales to record. First they told me it takes 3 months, then 5 months and
    now they will not respond to either my e-mails or my telephone voicemails. It was when I offered to give
    them order numbers and documented proof of the sales that they stopped communicating altogether.

    I do not feel that they are specifically targeting me...I believe this practice of not reporting online sales has been
    going on for quite some time and either authors are not aware and just believe that their books are not selling
    or are willing to play the game and just keep waiting for their royalties to magically appear. Anyway, that is
    what is happening to me and I would be very interested in hearing your story as well. While it may feel like
    we are alone in dealing with this obvious deception, I am confident that there are many others like us that need
    to sound their voices loud and clear and hold Trafford accountable for their actions.
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