Hey folks,

I wasted my entire day seeking justice etc with trafford publishing adding many of my pages to a google site-free for all viewers eyes. I was shocked I wasn't asked permission to do this with MY WORK. But turns out many have told me it is more of a selling feature the more they advertise my novel. So I am a little less pee'd off at trafford.

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Yes, trafford was a good idea at the time when I was young and STUPID!
I also had problems with them opening my file and then they screwed up on the cover they had every excuse why it wasn't their fault. Then they sent me an additional bill to re do the cover...mind you I never paid it and never will.

I would like to know if anyone has had a book published with them and googled your name and found that trafford not only selling through-out well-known websites example Walmart.com, Chapters.com, and so on....
Did you see where they actually put not just the synopsis for the selling feature, but just about the entire storyline...like pages 1-20 then pages 40-60 then part of the last chapter?
I called trafford because first of all I couldn't see this even being legal and feels like a personal violation, especially not even getting my permission to do so with my work...but they claim trafford customers have even asked for this. Is it true? Is it a selling feature to give away the beginning, middle and the end?