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Thread: [Publisher] Trafford

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    Trafford Publishing

    I was searching the web for reputable publishers to add to my list of publishers/agents for when I have completed my manuscript, and I came across Trafford Publishing. I did a search on them here and couldn't find anything, so if I've reposted known information, I apologize.

    They appear to be a vanity publisher, though they don't hide it, but authors who wish to have a book printed within 4-6 weeks must pay a minimum of $697. They look to be along the same lines as Publish America, except for the fact that they charge you money upfront. I just wanted to post this up there as a warning that Yog's Law says money flows towards the writer.

    One of the testimonials on their pages says, "It is great that you have this publishing service for authors because if you're not a well known or established author and you send your book to a big time book company, it will probably get no further than the trash can. Think of how many great books never got published because of this. Many people, myself included, have been held back because of this. Finally, a way to get published without all the other problems. Thanks again, Cassandra, for all your kind and helpful assistance. I look forward to seeing what all of you think of my book. I'm sure it will be a best seller (I bet you've heard that before)."

    Getting published is hard work. Getting an agent is hard work. This is not a reason to pay close to $2646 for the most expensive "package" to see your name in print. Go to Kinko's or Staples or even Lulu, where you only pay for each book you have printed, but don't throw your money away so you can "get published without all the other problems."

    Also, their packages state they will spend up to two hours creating a cover for you. This is not enough time to create a worthwhile cover. Not for that money. Again, if you want to self/vanity publish, go to It's a lot cheaper and you'll save yourself money in the long run.

    If anyone has any further information, please post it here, I don't want to see writers emptying their wallets and paying for a dream that can only be achieved through hardwork and diligence.

    Money flows towards the writer.
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