KC, you are not alone in what you want.
I have the Traford contract in my office. When I find it I'll give it another read (it's been a long time) and see what they say about breaking it. It may be the standard 30 day written notification.

The difficulty as I see it is you've already had these books out and so any further issues will have to be "second editions". It's my understanding that most publishers shy away from books that may have sold out to their potential audience.
The first person you will have to sell on the idea that your book is still viable is an agent. There are lots of threads here about agents and how to approach one. Once that hurdle is passed you wait until your agent sells you book. If the agent believes in the product he/she may be able to sell it to a publisher; maybe not

Keep in mind that as long as you maintain your contract with T--- you will remain listed on the online catalogs. If you get a publisher to take your book it may sell like hotcakes and be re-issued time and again thus fill bookstore shelves. If it does not do well your publisher will most probably discontinue your books and that will be that.

Of course it that happens you may then return to POD and continue to make you books available to online customers.
I know a several authors who, having been published by small and large presses, have re-issued their books via POD.

There are other issues here as well. But I'm speaking directly to your question.