Here is my experience with Trafford. They were great until I paid the money. After that I didn't get any emails or contact with them. I had to constantly push them. They had promised to have my books ready by Christmas 2006. One of the file could not be opened but they didn't tell me about it for a long time. When they did I resent the file straight away. They did not read the email or pick up the file for 10 days. Then they sent me an email saying that because the time was up now that I would not be published for Christmas and that I also owed them more money.
I was furious. I sent an email right back stating that I HAD send the correct money for both of my books. I had sent the files but they had not picked them up for over 10 days. They had promised me that my books would be out for Christmas but now they were saying that it would not be possible to do so. It was ALL their fault. I had done everything they had asked and inthe time limit, so I threathed to sue them for breach of contract and lost of earning.
Now I statrted getting results. I got one book released on Dec. 24th. I had got it out but it was still to late for the Christmas sales. My other book came out just 10 days ago. Then they had put all the wrong info on for the book. WAH!!!!
I want to get out of Trafford and get into a main conventional publisher. I would not recomend this route to ANYONE.