I have looked but can't find any threads or post on this so Here it is.

I have published 2 book with POD - Traffords. I did some research before I signed the contracts but i guess not enough!!! ANyway I am wanting to know way to get out of Traffords and into a convetional publisher.

One book is a niche market - teaching the Bible to kids. This is for kids workers, sunday school teachers, parents etc.
I have had more interest shown in this book. I have done some very aggresive marketing on this one.

The other one is a fun book of suggestions to do while on hold.

I guess I was green enough to think that I could sell enough copies so a conventiaonal publisher would take notice of me. Both books have just come out and I am not at all impressed with Trafford at all. (I will write a thread on Warnings & Beware sharing the details there!!)

SO can anyone give me any tips on how to get OUT from Traffords??