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Thread: Andrew Silvers Ag Partners Cardiff UK

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    Andrew Silvers Ag Partners Cardiff UK

    Does the above name appear anywhere on the Absolute Write Water Cooler list of warnings about agents?

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    Downshifting Columnist

    Andrew Silvers - AG Partners - Any info Guys?

    Hi all,

    I would be very grateful for any information on Andrew Silvers or AG Partners, formerly Brooklands Assoc.

    Many thanks!

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    Re: Andrew Silvers - AG Partners - Any info Guys?

    I haven't gotten any complaints about this agency, but research turns up very little information beyond a website that lists just three clients, none with published books. I don't see any sales here, and since there's no background on the agent(s), it's impossible to know whether they have adequate professional experience to be able to effectively represent books to publishers. If you're thinking of querying them, this is definitely a question you should ask.

    About Brooklands Associates, there's no information whatever.

    - Victoria

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    Downshifting Columnist

    Re: Andrew Silvers - AG Partners - Any info Guys?

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for your reply and my research turned up much the same.

    I have just sent the owner a note requesting further info on the company, partner, background etc as I need to be as sure as I can be it is a good move.

    I have also written to one of the authors (a friend of mine) for a reference too.

    Another chum just commented to me, "Oh, that seems a little rude"....but I think you need all your savvy about you and if all is well, it should be perceived that way.

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    Ty T

    Andrew Silvers

    I was actually offered representation with AG Partners but the main reason I didn't sign with them is because like you said they aren't very well known but then I suppose the agent Iam with now had to start somewhere.

    He did say to me that he was in the middle of securing a deal for an irish author at a New York publishing house, he mentioned the name but I can't remember off by heart, I'll try and find out for you and another with Harper Collins and a couple of poetry deals as well. He didn't charge any reading fees or any other fees, he said that if I were to sign with them, he would help me polish up my ms before submitting to publishers and he did seem to work very hard. He was in the office at ten oclock on a friday night replying to my emails straight after I had sent them and was up at eleven oclock on a sunday night at one point. This is just my opinion and feel free to take anything you want out of it but yes he did offer me good advice and help. Oh and actually after I had queried him, he responded within twenty minutes and requested the first thirty odd pages of my ms, this was about twelve oclock midday and when I checked my emails at around seven that evening he had read it and offered me advice on it. It wasn't perfect and he did build it up to be brilliant or anything but he liked the idea and said if I was to sign with him, the next thing on his list would be to help me polish it up properly and he expected it to take roughly about a month or so to do this. Iam not saying he will respond to you so quickly nor offer representation but this was just my experience

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    Re: Andrew Silvers - AG Partners - Any info Guys?

    I don't see a request like yours to be rude at all, Tracey. After reading the messages about PA on the boards here, I understand completely why you would want to check these people out before entering into a business relationship with them.

    And if you don't receive a response, that can be your answer as well.

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    Downshifting Columnist

    Thanks to all

    Dear Responders,

    Many thanks for your thoughtful comments.

    With a couple of (minor) successes behind me, it would be easy to get carried away in the excitement of somebody being interested in me...!

    I am very grateful for the support and advice offered here - thanks again.

    With kindest regards,

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    Re: Andrew Silvers

    Ty, when was your contact with AG? Whatever his claims of imminent deals, there's no sign that any of the authors listed at his website are published.

    The claim of poetry deals makes me suspicious. Apart from celebrity projects or maybe favors to established clients, real agents don't rep poetry; there's not enough money in it.

    It's easy to be at work at 11:00 at night if your office is in your home.

    - Victoria

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    Ty T


    It wasn't that long ago, two, three months maybe, I too was wary about him and his agency. I actually checked here first of all and there was no bad mention of them (There was no good mention either mind you) It was Faber he said he had introduced a poet to and he was in discussions with Virgin, Harper Collins, Penguin, St Martins Press in NY and a division of Random House.

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    Re: Faber

    Claims are fine. But what specific sales does he have in the past year? Two years? The lack of sales doesn't mean he's a crook, but it does mean either he's very new and perhaps inexperienced, or that he's kind of inept. Anyway, check out his sales record and see who and what he's represented that got published.

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    Re: Andrew Silvers

    I was asked by Andrew Silvers to send on a partial ms about 4 months ago and I waited for about 2 and a half months before sending him a reminder email, just to see how he was going with it. I never received a reply to either of my emails. Not when i sent on the partial, or when i sent the reminder. Take what you will from this.

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    Downshifting Columnist

    Re: Andrew Silvers

    I really appreciate your continued comments.

    I am certainly not trying to discredit him, in fact I must say he never claimed to have an extensive history and it says on the website they are "One of the UKs newest Literary Agencies" and we all have to start somewhere!

    He was very positive and enthusiastic over the telephone and I felt quite at ease. He sounds like a lovely guy.

    But before I take this enormous leap into Agenthood, I need to be sure the agency will serve me well, so the homework continues.

    "An Agent is not for Christmas, it's for life!" :eek

    For anybody else in the same position, trawl, take up references and ask here on the Mighty Oracle. It is the most professional collective of writers and associates I know of.

    A professional Agent will have respect for your savvy.

    With the kindest thanks for your time.

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    Re: Andrew Silvers

    Since they're new, you should do your research and know more about them. It doesn't mean they're bad news; just that they don't have a track record on which to base your judgment.

    According to his website, Nicholas Sparks signed with the first agent who accepted "The Notebook" out of a slush pile -- Theresa Park, who was just starting out after being a lawyer in California and knew nothing about publishing. Now look at them. Sometimes luck, diligence, and the quality of the work have a lot to do with everything...

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    AG Partners

    Just a quick note regarding AG Partners and Andrew Silver...I received an email from them yesterday advising me that they are closing their doors at the end of January 2005. So for those of you interested in sending your manuscripts to them...don't bother. He didn't give a reason, just said it was unfortunate.

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    Downshifting Columnist

    Re: Andrew Silvers

    Hi all,

    This finally concluded.

    Andrew wrote a very nice email to say AG Partners were closing.

    The search continues!

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Andrew Silvers AG Partners Brooklands Associates

    Ag Partners literary agency is closing at the end of January, 2005.

    Andrew Silvers cites personal circumstances for the closure. All submissions with SAEs are in the process of being returned, while the rest will be shredded and recycled once the authors have been contacted.
    Nor does it look like he's started up again under a different name.

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