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Thread: Screenwriters Federation of America / Screenwriters Guild

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    Screenwriters Federation of America / Screenwriters Guild

    An agent is not a member of AAR, but says it's because she's a member of Screenwriters Guild and that one cannot be a member of both...its against one of 'thems rules. Anyway, you do research and cannot get a phone number or member list from Screenwriters guild (which is totally different from Writer's Guild which will give you member's names.) They have a CA address, but no listed number. DO you become concerned? Anyone know anything about this?

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    Re: screenwriters guild

    The WGA is designed to protect Professional writer's rights and that agents who are Guild signatores have to abide by a certain code of ethics (i.e. no reading fees). AAR members also abide by a code of ethics.

    I've never heard of the Screenwriters Guild before, but they spend a lot of space on their website pushing their coverage and analysis services (for $240-$400), and the bulk of the info appears to be for newbies and wannabes, not professional writers. It's all tips on what you have to do to get your stuff noticed, if you've got an agent, your stuff already has been noticed, and it's the agent's job to get it noticed by others - that is what they get paid the 10% for.

    The fact that your agent chose this organization (which no professional screenwriter I know has ever heard of) to affiliate with rather than the WGA or AAR would raise a red flag for me.

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    Screenwriter's Guild

    I agree with Simon. I can't remember if I visited their site, but it sounds like another disguised org. preying on serious screenwriters. The WGA is the only honest org. out there, that I can see. Who is AAR? I am still trying to find a legitimate agent, after being out of the Hollywood loop for 36 years! Can't believe it's been so long. Even though I worked for ABC and Columbia Studios back then, and wrote to my old bosses, who are now heads of other production companies, I still can't get a response. I know there is an ageism problem out there (senior writers just won a huge discrimination suit out there against directors, producers and production companies), but it seems you have to shoot your own film and have it screened at Sundance today just to get noticed.

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    screenwriters guild

    AAR is the Association of Author's Representatives. Basically, if your agent is a member, you are good to go.

    DOn't be so hard on your age old timer (just kidding:grin ), we all have problems. I have talked to published authors who still have to query just like the lot of us. Keep your spirits've got friends.:hug

    What did you used to write on?

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    Re: screenwriters guild

    The WGA prohibits some abuses, such as reading fees, but for screen properties only--if a WGA member reps book manuscripts, they can do as they please. Members don't have to prove competence to join.

    AAR members do have to prove a degree of competence--they must have sold at least 10 properties to legitimate outfits within the past 18 months. And they are prohibited from charging reading fees and from receiving kickbacks for referrals. Nevertheless, there are a few bad eggs in AAR, and the minimal competence requirements have allowed some marginal folks to squeak in. AAR is a good place to concentrate your agent search, but it's not an infallible imprimatur of excellence.

    - Victoria

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    Screenwriters Guild

    Nothing in this world is 100%. You have to do your research. For agents, a track record of successful sales is their best advertisment.

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    The Screenwriters Guild of America is now the Screenwriters Federation of America.

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