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Thread: Foundry Literary + Media

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    I queried Claire Harris on #MSWL day and she requested 50 pages. I sent them. Her email is a Foundry email, and her bio says she is an editorial assistant, but she isn't listed on the agency website. Her facebook and linked also say she is an editorial assistant, and a few job posting foundry had posted for interns listed her as the contact person. I'm guessing she does actually work for them, and that she is starting to build her own list. Does this seem like a fair assumption? Does anyone know anything else about her?

    Any advice about what I should do if she does request more material?

    I also noticed other agents at foundry were retweeting her #MSWL tweets, which was why I queried to begin with. It was after that I realized she wasn't listed as an agent on their site.

    If she did ask for more material, would it be rude to just ask if she was just starting to build a list or working with one of the agents?
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