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Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, Literary Mouse!

The only thing is that Knowlton didn't ever tell me it would only be one month. She asked for a one month exclusive, which I told her I couldn't grant. She said that would be all right, but never said how long she would be.

I know some agents take even longer than six months. I wouldn't even worry about it, except that I have this new manuscript now and would love to query LaPolla with it.

Thanks for your input!
JoyMC, I think you are giving Ms Knowlton too much reverence here to be honest. Six months is more than enough time to read requested material. I would query Ms LaPolla anyway - what have you got to lose? You aren't playing them off against one another.

Look after your own interests first. If you have a new ms that you think would be a great fit then GO FOR IT!