A query to Curtis Brown Ltd. (in NYC, not England) resulted in a request to read my novel and a 1-month exclusive. The agent, Nathan Bransford, said that the agent I had actually written to at Curtis Brown had declined but passed my letter on to him.

As far as I can see, Curtis Brown is a very good agency, and the fact that Mr. Bransford is not listed on any directory I consult would mean merely that he is newly-joined. It seems very appropriate that an unknown author (me) might be passed on to a junior agent. I am flattered to have a positive answer.

However, getting a request for a full read on the basis of my query letter is a new experience--four other agents requested partials, and I have not heard more from any of them yet--and I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any information on Curtis Brown and/or Mr. Bransford.