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Thread: Panorama Editorial

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    Panorama Editorial

    My co-author (who is also the independent publisher of our book) has been approached by a rep from this publisher in Mexico (website is asking us:

    "We are interesting in reviewing the following book(s) for possible translation into the Spanish language:

    [name of our book]

    If the rights are available, please send us a sample copy of the book(s) and grant us a two month option. If itís possible, also please tell us the royalty terms."

    After a follow-up email asking some more info, they responded,
    "We pay for the translation and the printing, and we would be the distributors in LatinAmerica."

    Has anyone heard of this company? I've searched the site and the index and haven't found anything. I also did a google search and found a few authors' sites (some traditionally published authors) who say their books are distributed by this company, but I have no idea if this is truly legit or a scam. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any feedback!
    Lauren Hidden

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    I think it's legit. They're a big outfit, with real books and real sales. Offering to undertake the translation represents a significant investment in the project. A two-month option isn't unreasonable. If they're offering decent money, consider saying yes.

    If you're still nervous, there are agents who specialize in foreign rights. You're in the classic position of having an offer in hand. Shop it around and see whether you can find a foreign rights agent that suits you.
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