Maybe, I am just one of the lucky ones. I have had success with 1stbooks. I know several other people that I have had the pleasure of partnering with on book signings who feel the same. First of all, with POD, it is the writer's responsibility to send in well written and edited work. They warn you of that from the get go. Any issues I had have been responded to and fixed immediately. I was not charged extra. POD was my first choice. I am not some writer who had their manuscript rejected time after time and then decided to go POD. I never submitted it to anyone. I do not use their marketing package because I have the know how to do it myself and I do it well. I also know writers who use their marketing kit and are doing well. In addition, the writers' I know who use 1stbooks are not people who saw them as a last result just to say "thank goodness I'm published". My cover is great. 1stbooks did what I asked in regards to my cover and it works well with the story. Sorry to hear that so many of you have had trouble with 1stbooks. However, I can not agree with you.