Let's do some homework. I plugged in the newspaper articles into Lexis-Nexus search for the past five years. I also verified that all the sources listed are included in Lexis-Nexus.

>Delights from the Garden of Eden
>By Nawal Nasrallah
>New York Times 4/2/03

No such review exists.

>Bad Blood: A Long Island Mystery
>by David E. Feldman
>Featured in The New York Times (Long Island Section)

No such review found in Lexis-Nexus

>Anthrax: The Game
>by Dwan G. Hightower
>Featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (c. 408,000+)

No such review.

>Gut Check
>by Dr. Jeffrey M. Aron
>Featured in The San Francisco Chronicle (c. 456,000+)

No mention

>Real Fatherhood
>by Bob Kamm
>As seen on CNN and featured in The Washington Post (c. 762,000+)

No mention in the Post.

>Celia, Army Nurse and Mother Remembered
>by Pamela McLaughlin
>Featured in the Boston Herald (c. 265,000+).

No mention.

>The Arbiter
>by Charles Jackson
>Featured in The Hartford Courant (c. 207,000+)

You guessed it -- no mention.

Let's review: Seven supposed articles, none verified.

Sounds like that list is pure fiction.