Wow! 1st Books rakes some folks over the coals so that means all POD's are evil? Hey folks, first of all POD is a printing technology, not a publisher. POD providers are basically a self publishing assistance and services.You can have twelve POD service providers and each would have its own way of doing things, its own level of quality and its own share of customers who think they've been snookered. There are some good POD service providers out there and some not so good ones. 1st books, Iuniverse and Xlibris rate poorly as far as I am concerned. The smaller ones like Aventine Press, PageFree and are easier to deal with, offer better deals and are more honest with their ads. There is a reason the larger ones have the top spaces in the search engines. It's because they spend your money getting there!If you want an honest assessment of POD, go to Clea Saal's She has done far more research than most folks and has a good line on the POD experience. Have Fun!8)