Regarding this statement:
" The only publicity I see for POD authors are legal matters and lawsuits."

You have not been looking hard enough.

Delights from the Garden of Eden
By Nawal Nasrallah
New York Times 4/2/03

My Three Years Working for Michael Jackson
by Robert W. Wegner
Featured on NBC's The Today Show, Extra, CNN American Morning with Paula Zahn, and Inside Edition

The Guide to Identity Theft Prevention
by Johnny R. May, CPP
Featured on NBC's Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

Terrific Wedding Tips: For a Joyful and Stress-free Celebration
by Judy Sangregorio and Yvonne Hemsey Tepper
As seen on The Early Show (CBS)

Saturday Night Live - Equal Opportunity Offender: The Uncensored Censor
by William G. Clotworthy
"[Bill's] sense of humor and creativity are in full evidence in this beautifully written book."
—Jerry Stiller, actor/comedian (King of Queens, Seinfeld)

Undercover White Trash
by David L. Kilpatrick
Featured in Fort Worth, Texas magazine and won 2nd place in ForeWord Magazine's humor category
Movie rights just optioned by Remarkable of Los Angeles

Golf for the People: Bethpage and the Black
by Philip Young
Reviewed in Newsday and other national newspapers. Author interviewed on CNN's "Business Unusual."

Bad Blood: A Long Island Mystery
by David E. Feldman
Featured in The New York Times (Long Island Section)

Spiritual Marketing
by Joe Vitale
Author is an Bestseller.

Grampas Are For All Seasons
by Richard J. Ward
Featured in Harvard Magazine, The Dartmouth Chronicle (c. 5,600+), and The New Bedford Standard-Times (c. 39,000+)

The Little Guide to Happiness: How to Smile Again
by Michael Kevin Naselli
Featured on WCNY-TV, in the The Syracuse Post-Standard (c. 90,000+) and Central New York's Table Hopper (c. 60,000).

Anthrax: The Game
by Dwan G. Hightower
Featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (c. 408,000+)

Practical Home Theater
by Mark Fleischmann
Featured in The Hartford Courant (c. 207,000+) and The Baltimore Sun (c. 314,000+)

Alpine Achievement
by Lori J. Batcheller
Featured on CNN International (viewership 150,000,000+)

From the Attic to Military Museums
by Robert Parker Fondes
Featured in The Bradenton Herald (c. 60,000+), The Port Charlotte Herald-Tribune (c. 30,000+) and recognized by United States Secretary of State Colin Powell

Gut Check
by Dr. Jeffrey M. Aron
Featured in The San Francisco Chronicle (c. 456,000+)

by F.P. Dorchak
Featured on the Internet's paranormal radio broadcast

Rez Dogs Eat Beans
by Gordon Johnson
Featured in Riverside, CA's The Press-Enterprise (c. 173,000+)

A Gathering of Souls
by Christopher Taylor
Featured on ABC News and The Los Angeles Daily News

Catalina Hideaway
by Holly Brugman
Featured in The San Diego Union-Tribune (c. 381,000+).

I'm Gonna Teach
by Kenneth S. Karcinell
Interview by The Nassau Herald (c. 750,000+).

This Bo Peep Ain't No Fairy Tale!
by Murray Silver
Interviewed on WSAV-TV (viewership 100,000+) in Savannah, Georgia

Six Days in January...
by Frederick Cooper
Book of the Month selection for AA Online book club

The Shadow of The Succubus
by John Condenzio
Nominated for one of the best horror books of the past year by Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim
by Dan Baldyga
Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The New Gorgon
by Byron R. Bufkin
Featured in The Cleveland The Plain Dealer (c. 378,000+)

The Essential Legal Guide for the Professional Wrestler
by Eric C. Perkins, Esq.
Featured in The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (c. 274,963+)

Full Circle on the Mountain
by Linda Gardner
Selected as book of the month Woman's Day magazine

Real Fatherhood
by Bob Kamm
As seen on CNN and featured in The Washington Post (c. 762,000+)

Patrick Gilligan Says Be Your Own Boss!
by Patrick Gilligan
Featured on

Growing Season
by T. Jensen Lacey
Native American freelance journalist and contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul series

HEROES or Something
by Brad Kennedy
Reviewed in The Star-Ledger (c. 407,000+) and featured in New Jersey's Daily Record (c.50,000+)

Secrets Men Have Told Me: What Turns Men On & What Turns Them Off!
by JoAnna Nicholson
Highlighted in September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine

Celia, Army Nurse and Mother Remembered
by Pamela McLaughlin
Featured in the Boston Herald (c. 265,000+).

The Ugly Carrot
by Ann Marfey
Featured in Albany's The Times Union (c. 100,000+)

Internal Accounting
by Emanuel F. Schwartz
Featured in Raleigh, NC's The News and Observer (c. 159,000+)

Boston's Blues
by Art Simas
Featured in Worcester's Telegram & Gazette (c. 100,000+)

The Arbiter
by Charles Jackson
Featured in The Hartford Courant (c. 207,000+)

All My Love, Forever
by Dale Stephen Lane
Featured in The Indianapolis Star (c. 226,000+)

Let's review:

Today Show, Extra, CNN, Inside Edition, NBC Nightly News, The Early Show etc..

New York Times, San Fran Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Womans Day, Cosmo etc..

I bet every traditionally published authors would like to see the same media coverage the above POD author's have received.

How many of YOU have been an Amazon best seller? You may not be Joe Vitale, but if you published with a traditional publisher would it not be easier for you to make the best seller's list? He did it and his book is with 1stBooks Library. Strange hun? A POD book selling in large enough quantities to be an best seller. How is that possible? Maybe it's a good book.

Here's a good article written by MJ Rose you all might find very interesting.