I am being published by a traditional publisher. I received a contract in June 2002 and I barely remembered 1st books until I came to this site. About 1st Books I got contacted by them two years ago. I ran like diarrhea from them as fast as my legs could carry me! I knew what a lot of writers don't...NEVER go with a publisher
( or in this case, a mere printer ) that looks for writers. It's not smart. No reputable publisher is going to seek a writer out. They are too busy going through that junk pile from two months earlier, trying to find a star. I read over the thing because I was curious, than I threw it in the trash with the quickness! All that BS in the packet they said about getting authors reviews and websites and book signings. Where, at the local fish market? I already knew POD books didn't get respect and neither did the authors. They weren't fooling me for a minute and I never found out how they got my address. Anyway, I knew all the horror stories about POD companies. Authors clogged writers' websites galore sobbing about the raw deal they had gotten from these companies. One lady said a POD company lied and told her she'd be in book stores. A woman from 1st Books said that they sold in book stores. ( I am almost positive that's a big lie ). If you think of going POD again...don't do it. If your momma begs for you to...don't do it. If your dog needs a transplant and this is your only way...don't do it! From the words of Chris Rock " Just don't do it. "