Here Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!

Gather 'round, children... yes. Yes! All of you sweet li'l Hello Kitties... This is the auction - this is the chance! - you've been waiting for!

We've all been afflicted with Pepto-Bismal Pink party dresses... li'l purple skirts... plastic bows... dainty sparkles!

It's Payback Time!

"But... but how?" you ask.

This is how. This is the Bargains Board! This is an Auction Thread!

How would you like to choose MacAllister Stone's avatar for her and watch as it posts its way around the forum for 30... that's THIRTY whole days?

How much would you pay? Would you start the bidding at $5.00? I knew that you would!

There's only a couple easy rules, ladies and gentlemen. Our own Medievalist is going to have veto power on the avatar chosen by the winning bidder - don't be pickin' no porn stuff, guys and gals. And nothing personally or purposely hurtful, okay?

That's it! Bidding starts NOW, runs to 8PM, Okie time, Wednesday, July 4, 2007. Keep your bids in increments of whole dollars, please.

Make it wacky. Make it cute. Make it silly. Make it up or cruise the 'net 'til you find juuuuuuuust the right one! Post it here so we can snicker and giggle.

But bid now! Bid big! And Bidder up!

Who'll start the bidding for me with a fat fiver?