Maryn- Thank you for your response. Yes, I am leery of this agency, but at this point, I have nothing to lose. Writing is a leisure activity for me, and I loathe the "business" side of attempting to procure a publisher. I am hopeful that this agent may be able to do what I have been unable to do.

As I work full-time, I have been unable to send out many query letters over the past two years. The query letter did generate some interest, as I had Aaron Priest, as well as a couple of other established literary agents, request to read the first few chapters. Over time, I edited the novel significantly such that it is now a far better work than it was when I sent out the initial chapters to Mr. Priest, et al.. Ultimately, Authentic Creations was the only literary agency which actually offered a contract, and, as my enthusiasm for sending out query letters on this particular work has waned, the contract came at a good time for me. At this point, I have moved on to focusing on another novel, and, I am leaving the search for publication on the other work in the hands of Authentic Creations! Let's hope for the best!