Ronald Laitsch is a member of AAR. However, over the years Writer Beware has received a consistent trickle of complaints about Authentic Creations. It asks authors to defray postage and photocopying costs out-of-pocket (not standard practice among established agents, who typically let such costs accrue and deduct them from the author's advance). Also, I've been told by former clients that the agency isn't very responsive to questions and requests for information (including sharing details of publisher rejections), and can be slow about sending out authors' manuscripts.

Some editors have told me that they tend to give the agency's submissions low priority because they're often substandard or inappropriate. According to one editor at a major house, Authentic Creations mails out writing samples with a "contact us if you're interested" letter, and doesn't follow up. This isn't a very professional or effective way of submitting.

Authentic Creations refuses to divulge details of its track record, which is not typical of successful literary agencies--it also makes it impossible to verify the agency's sales claims, which in a recent market guide were listed at 20 titles for the past year.

- Victoria