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I called and spoke with one of the agents directly, after I had entered into the contract, and she demonstrated unfamiliarity with my work. When I asked her to name some of their published fiction writers whom they represent, she could not do so. The contract I signed, however, is voidable within 30 days of written notice terminating the contract. Thus, I am not very concerned at this point. I will give them a shot for a few months, and, if I am unhappy with their progress, I will commence sending out query letters to other prospective agents again.
As an AAR agency, Authentic Creations is probably able to command enough attention from a publisher that your submission will actually be looked at (though based on comments I've gotten from editors, I think there's real question as to whether it will always get serious attention). If you're then rejected, you can't submit your ms. to that publisher or imprint again. This means (assuming that AC submits to appropriate publishers--there's some evidence that it doesn't always) that you are closing off submission opportunities for yourself, and making yourself less attractive to a new agent as a result, because now there are fewer places where that agent can submit your work.

This is one of the few ways in which getting hooked by an obvious scammer, such as Janet Kay, is better than signing with a not-so-competent agent. With the scammer, you can be assured that no one will pay the slightest attention to your submission. Once you're free you can start again from scratch, as if you'd never been agented.

- Victoria