The Red Rose contract is 11 pages long. If anyone is interested in any specific clauses I'll post them here. I've noticed that the more disreputable the publisher, the longer the contract, and RR doesn't disappoint. :-) Here is the kill fee clause.

A. The Contract will be for three (3) years from the date of signing of contract, and may be renewed by mutual consent of the Author and the Publisher. Unless notification is received in writing sixty (60) days in advance of expiration by traceable delivery service, certified mail notice or other receipted mail, contract will renew automatically. Upon renewal of the contract the royalty will remain the same, for example if it was 45% or 50% the royalty will remain the same.

B. Author may petition Publisher to terminate contract at any time but will be responsible for production costs for applicable cover art and editors, including Publishers initial investment a one hundred dollar minimum is the cost at the time of this contract. $50 for the cover art and $50 for the editors if pulled before published but after a cover and editing has been done. After publication there must be a 90 day request for termination letter received by traceable mail, registered, etc., if the book has been out more than 30 days equaling a total of 120 day minimum, with no cost incurred to the author.

C. Upon termination of the Contract, the Publisher retains the right to sell or dispose of any existing stock inventory, but may not produce more. The Author will receive applicable or adjusted royalties on these copies, and all rights will revert to Author.