I pictured the synopsis as being a couple paragraphs
That's actually the summary. Here are a couple summaries from my website, describing my private detective mystery series:

"Sudden Storm" - A wealthy investment banker hires Mitch to find his runaway trophy wife, and the search leads to a shadowy mob boss. Why does the wife periodically leave her husband? What dangers does she face at home? Mitch struggles to find a solution before terrible violence wends its way into the troubled family. And Mitch is further burdened by involvement in a serial murder case. The Slicer has terrified Houston with his brutal killings, and Mitch is asked to help find him. 67,240 words.

"Full Circle" - Mitchell King is hired to protect a sexy murder suspect but he becomes romantically involved, and that influences his judgment. Mitch embarks upon a vendetta that brings him to near ruin. His reputation and honor are challenged as his fixation upon the woman affects his every move. Mitch must also devote time to assisting a beautiful NASA astronaut. She is being harassed and stalked by an emotionally disturbed admirer. 64,100 words.

These are summaries, not synopses. Hope this helps.