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Thread: Zeta Entertainment Software

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    Zeta Entertainment Software

    Our company, ZETA ENTERTAINMENT SOFTWARE, creates strategy content for a broad range of on-line games ranging from small independent titles to well-known best-sellers. We are now looking for new writing talents to join our team of freelance writers. If you are interested in writing a strategy guide for your favorite on-line game, read on.

    Are you familiar with MMORPGs? Do you enjoy hacking away at the keyboard for long nights? Whether you are a professional writer with an interest in on-line games or a passionate gamer who wants to pick up writing we will consider writers from all skill-levels and backgrounds. If you are dedicated, reliable and an on-line game enthusiast this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

    Average project salaries are in the range of USD 2,000 to 2,500. Please keep in mind that this amount presumes a high level of game-specific in-depth knowledge and good writing skills on your part.

    If this sounds like an interesting opportunity to you please do not hesitate to drop us a line at and we will be happy to provide you with further details. We would appreciate it if in your message you could already outline your MMORPG expertise, as well as state (if possible, link or attach) any texts you have written in the past. (e.g. articles, weblogs or college assignments).

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    We still have a few more projects available, especially for upcoming MMORPGs that are in beta (or even alpha) at this point.

    Please note: In case you are interested in a project but are currently under an NDA for that game, please do not hesitate to send us a short note with a request to follow-up with you at a later point.

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    We still have some open writer spots for games scheduled for release in Q4 2007 (including some that have been released already). In case you know your way around any MMORPG / MMOFPS / Action RPG, please drop us a line at

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    'Twas but a dream of thee El Jefe MacAllister's Avatar
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    Just got this via email:

    The following message was sent to you via the Absolute Write Water
    Cooler Contact Us form by <name redacted>.


    To Whom This May Concern:

    I found an ad both on Writers Weekly and Absolute Write outlining a
    search for game strategy guide writers:

    I received a response the next day by a Mr. Philip Hetherington who
    claimed to be a ZES representative although in his e-mails he provided no
    contact references or information about Zeta (beyond what is stated in
    the ads).

    In daily correspondence, Mr. Hetherington and I discussed my skills and
    whether they would fit with ZES. During this time, I began searching
    for more information about ZES. Except for a website
    ( - currently under construction) I could find no references to Zeta
    Entertainment Software (Google, Yahoo!, Lycos, Ask, Live Search, et
    cetera). I did find a reference to a German company called "Zeta
    Software," a reference to a computer system on which you can play games called
    "magnussoft Zeta," references to games that have "Zeta" titles, and a
    reference to a "Zeta Entertainment," but again, no references to Zeta
    Entertainment Software other than the webpage.

    I became more concerned about the nature of the ad after Mr.
    Hetherington repeatedly ignored my questions and instead fell back upon the
    response that he would answer them only after I signed an NDA--later
    responding that a form of identity would also be necessary.

    Long story short, I responded on the 14th with a challenge to Mr.
    Hetherington to answer my questions and, after a steady flow of e-mail
    correspondence, he is now silent.

    I will wait another day or two before filing my report with the FBI,
    but I think you should consider pulling the ad from your forum and
    opening an investigation.

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    Mad coder, lazy writer Fahim's Avatar
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    To be fair by Zeta, I responded to the ad, was asked to send in an NDA, sent one in and they didn't get it the first time. They mailed me back and asked me to send in an NDA again and I did. Once they received the NDA the second time, they did contact me and revealed the details of their operation. Since I did sign an NDA, I am not going to go over the details but I wasn't happy about the actual writing job offered especially given that all the secrecy surrounding the NDA did not appear to be called for given what the job entailed. So I have not continued discussion with them. But they did reveal more information once the NDA was signed. So it might just be that they are extremely cautious
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    Hidin' the bodies SouthernFriedJulie's Avatar
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    When I received emails from Zeta, they were very open with me. I did not need to sign anything for information regarding the job. While I chose not to work for them, I saw no problem with the communication.
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    I can confirm that we require a signed NDA and a proof of identity before providing details about specific projects or our operation. If a writer is unwilling to provide those, we do not work with them.

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    Website never materialized.

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