A free site I created myself because I couldn't find anything else online that did it. Here is a quick list of what QueryTracker provides:

  • Searchable agent database
  • Maintain a record of which agents you've already queried and when (with just one click)
  • Maintain a record of all agent responses (again, one click)
  • Mark agents you don't like and filter them out of your searches
  • Write and print your query letters direct from the site.
  • With one click, automatically fill out envelopes and print right from the site. (outgoing and sase)
  • See statistics for each agent detailing how many queries have been sent to them and what their responses were.
  • View the query letters of other writers (if the author makes it public) and sort them on a per-agent basis so you can see just what that agent likes or dislikes in a query.
And again, I offer this free because I found it to be so useful for myself I just wanted to share.