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Thread: New to blogging? Can't decide what blog software/host to choose?

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    Shiny! SuperModerator Dawno's Avatar
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    New to blogging? Can't decide what blog software/host to choose?

    Try visiting Blogging 101's site - I'm finding it very interesting and informative.

    If you visit, please come back and give your opinion here.

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    i'd like to switch to wordpress so i can get trackbacks but honestly blogger is so easy. to go to wordpress and get all the options i need to host it and i'm with yahoo, which is compatible, but less than ideal.

    i can get a custom domain with blogger and i'm off and running. easy peasy. i'm just praying blogger catch up and introduce all the features that wordpress already have

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    AW's Resident Commie bsolah's Avatar
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    It's really well designed, well organised site.

    Whilst these very introductory posts don't offer me much, I think latter posts can offer something to bloggers who consider themselves more established by presenting us with a chance to revise the basics that we may have forgotten.

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    figuring it all out
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    Sorry to go off topic a moment, but are you actually using the custom domain option while hosting with Blogger? I was very curious about this option, but got the feeling there were some bugs with it, perhaps around RSS feeds and search engines and stuff.

    If so, did you start right off with your own domain name, or did you have a blogspot domain and then switch over? Encounter any problems?

    Oh and to be at least somewhat responsive to the main post (sorry Dawno!), I'm using Blogger and am for the most part happy with it. Each platfor seems to have its own advantages and drawbacks. And the Blogging 101 site looks pretty helpful and I'll definitely be prowling around there a little more.
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    Looks interesting Dawno; thanks!

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