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Thread: OT scam: Tsunami relief

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    OT scam: Tsunami relief

    Not about writing, but I wanted to post this warning.

    In my junk email box, I've started receiving a scam email that uses the tsunami tragedy to try for my credit card info.

    The email is typical of the "Nigerian Bank" scam -- poorly written, totally unbelievable. But at least the bank scam doesn't piggyback on the terrible tragedy. This one does.

    Hopefully there's a special spot in hell for such people.

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    Re: OT scam: Tsunami relief

    I'm with you katdad. On the news last night, there was a warning about these scams coming down the pipe. People who perpetrate such things are vile in the extreme.

    So be careful, folks. I would advise everyone to only donate to reputable charities like the Red Cross, etc.


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