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Anyone know if they're open to submissions or how to submit? Annie Stone has a #MSWL page and sounds like she's open to submissions but the website link sends me to a white page with a "alloy Entertainment" icon in the center and nothing else. Nothing to click at all. So I'm not sure if it's technical difficulty or it's just a holder and their website doesn't take you anywhere.

Edit: Oh! Hmm her twitter now says formerly with Alloy Entertainment.

But then there's a generic Alloy twitter page that shares a submissions email ( thecollaborative@alloyentertainment.com) but no instructions.
You're probably already aware of this, but for other AWers who might come along, keep in mind that packagers aren't looking for specific manuscripts, just good writers they can hire to bring their own concepts to life. Some packagers do take unrelated samples, but when they're looking for a specific writer for a specific project they're working on, they usually give you some preliminary materials and have you create a three-chapter sample (or whatever). I think they tend to find writers to audition through agents and publishers they've worked with before, so if you're interested in working with a packager, it would probably be a good idea to let your agent and/or editor know so they can help you keep an eye out for opportunities.