Lover's Moon

What a beautiful way to light up the night.....the moon,
As it reflects in your eyes 'til my heart starts to sigh....the moon
And the night-birds will sing as they all take to wing,
A most wonderful kind of a tune,
As you cling to my arm, and I thrill to your charms
Neath the moon.

Well, it's a beacon above for all those in love..the moon.
For it's glow fills the night with an air of delight..the moon,
And the evening abounds with Nature's warm sounds,
As our hopes and our dreams intertwine,
And the breeze whispers low what our hearts seem to know,
From the moment your hand touches mine.

The moon is made for lovers,
'Cause it sets their hearts a-glow,
And this moon is like no other,
Just because I love you so.

Yes, it's a magical light, shining so bright..the moon,
And it's warm rays enhance a sweet air of romance..the moon,
And the night-birds sing on 'til the evening is gone,
Their soft and so sensuous tune,
And the night fills with song 'til our hearts sing along
'Neath the moon.

Such a beautiful moon.
Such a beautiful moon
Such a beautiful moon.

Copyright Spring 2002 James R. Hoye


The song was done as a lyric challange on the John Lennon Songwriting Forum and is meant to recall the Love Songs of the 50s and 60s, (Moon River, Blue Moon, Chances Are, etc)

When I set it to music, I was trying to show how lighthearted lyrics can relate to latin rythems. It can be heard at:

Hope it brings a smile, and, hopefully, evokes a memory or two.

Jim Hoye (JRH)