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Thread: Copy editing US $ 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaoPaux View Post
    It's good to dust off the classics now 'n' again.
    Thanks for bringing this thread back from the dead! As a freelance copyeditor, it's reaffirmed the things I am doing right and given me perspective on what I need to improve. I agree with a previous poster; HapiSofi's post needs to be in an FAQ somewhere.
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    I just found this, too. HapiSofi's post is like gold. And very, very funny.

    (serial comma!)

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    I have paid about $1200 for substantive editing and it has been worth my while, though the editor came highly recommended. I charge $2/page for line editing and $5/page for substantive editing, just to give you a reference point. I do believe that you should request a sample free edit of a few pages so you know what you are getting.
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    Hell, I subscribed to this thread because of Hopi's response. I found it very enlightening.
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    I have very strong opinions on the serial comma. Unfortunately, my house style does not agree with me.

    In my last book, however, I was able to argue for one particular serial comma, and I GOT IT!


    Hap's piece was awesome. I'm glad this thread has been bumped. I made a copy of Hap's questions.

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    Thought I'd stop by
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    I've contacted two well-regarded editors for an edit of my 60,000 thriller. One asked for $1200, the other for $1500. Both seem like reasonable fees but well outside of my budget.

    Beta readers it is, then!

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    Know what you write...
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    Are you sure your plans are realistic? If you need a professional editor and pay for your self-publishing, you have to sell a LOT to break even, let alone make a profit. You could consider a POD like that charges printing costs per unit for the buyer. That way you have no upfront printing costs except for a distribution plan.

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