$1000 US is a lot of money (for me at least) but it's not out of line for say, a New York City editor. Saying that however, please do shop around.
There are a lot of people out there who "say" they are professionals but aren't qualified to edit the reverse side of a playing card.

BTW some editors do charge an "evaluation" fee (as much as $500) but this amount is normally applied against the total if you decide to have him/her to do the actual editing.

Because you've decided to "self-publish, you are quite correct in having your ms professionally edited.

A note about costs. Some editors charge a "sliding" fee depending on the length of the ms. Others charge anywhere from 1 penny to three pennies per word. Others charge by the page. A page is defined as having 275words. I know one New York editor who charges $9US/page.
Using that formula your book would be~196pages. At $9/page you'd pay ~1700US. Keep in mind that you'll have to sell a lot of books just to recoup this investment, to say nothing of your printing costs.

If you have someone who can format the interior and do the cover art for you, you may want to consider Book Surge, an Amazon.com company. They have a $99 option for writers who have their ms edited, formatted, and the cover art in hand. They provide the ISBN prior to your artist laying out the back cover so it wil be placed properly. I mention them only because you bring up the issue of distribution. With Book Surge, you at least are automatically listed on Amz's worldwide catalog. They distribute through Baker & Taylor. I have a querry into their customer service office asking what the discount rate B&T offers to bookstores is.

BTW, I'm self-published through iUniverse and Author House. I've learned a lot about dealing with bookstores and the realities of short discounts, distributor contracts (very costly) and the art of patience.

Best of Luck,

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Dear All,
My manuscript is almost ready and I placed a local ad in Qatar for a professional copy editor. I have been contacted by two men and one of them seems to be a professional (At least that is what he is saying) and he is asking for 1000 dollars to copyedit my work, around 54000 words. I will give him about 3-4 pages in order to assess his capability, to see if he can really add any value.

To apprise all members here, I have decided to self publish and a local printer will print the book, they have yet to quote the price they will charge for the printing job and a professional graphic designer is making the title cover of the book.

Any suggestions how can I market it internationally?

Any views on this please, thanks.