Thanks, Cathy,
I will check the government-sponsored programs in Canada and whether I qulaify for that or not, since I am outside of Canada these days. My book is in English. Regarding the 13 digit international barcode and ISB numbers, yes, I'll do that but the barcode in Qatar would be different as the international barcode providers assign different starting numbers to different countries. I am not sure whether the retailers use the same barcode issued at the time of printing or they need a local number in other countries.

BTW, I had contacted three literary agents in Canada and only one of them bothered to respond, asking me to send my entire manuscript along with C$ 400 as reading or evaluation fee. I have put it on hold after reading here on this forum that one should not resort to these agents as they simply return it later on account of being unacceptable. I am not really sure about it.

Thanks for your help. I feel energized, your advice is like a glass of glucose.