Oh. My.


Good heavens, what's gotten into you lately?

That piece simply has to be a FAQ, for everyone who thinks that hiring "someone to edit" is just a matter of going through the listings & picking a name that sounds nice.

FWIW: when I was copy chief, I pretty much memorised AP, but my current partner whacks me with Chicago so often that I feel justified claiming I've got it by osmosis. (Ever read UPI? Bizarre -- weirder than Bierce's Blacklist & not half as funny.)

To all: an extremely skilled editor from a narrow field can charge you huge amounts of cash to turn your manuscript into something completely different. I'm one of the weirdos who can easily shift gears from memoir to legalese to fantasy fiction to straight reportage. Left to her/his whims, an editor is a creature of prejudice & can be frighteningly creative in noncreativity. Even "close" isn't good enough: if you're trying to sound like Hemingway, do you really need an editor who thinks you should be Faulkner?

Always spell out exactly what you need, & accept that "I'll leave it up to you" really does mean leaving it to someone else entirely. Paying someone cash to edit your romance according to FDA pharmaceutical submission guidelines might not be what you want.