a "modesty survey" conducted via christian boys and men.


some good stuff here, especially if you're a fan of laughing your ass off...

just click a category and you'll see the survey results and lots of great comments. here's a taste:

on bikinis:

"Unfortunately, bikini swimsuits are the source of very real and very ugly temptations at swimming areas. You don't want to go there."

on revealing a bra strap:

"It begins a lustful thought. Highly avoid it."

on tank tops:

"Shows too much skin around the neck and the arms. They are generally too tight and are distracting in that area. Or they are too loose and the arms gape open and reveal too much there."

on clothing that reveals the lower back:

"Girls should try to avoid clothing that would allow this to happen. But guys also need to work on simply looking away if this is a problem."