Christ! I get back to my theoretical home and some giganto thread about off-limits topics has been brought in like roadkill by a friendly cougar.

One thing is clear: ya get on a nice board and everybody likes to dance around transgressing their hearts out:

Is this transgressing? Do I look good with this transgression? Or would a dab of pure mental emotion of some sort be better? How about the pure shock value of something a little more tart? How about a dash of ideological something or other? Take it right to the limit: very cute with a flounce of depravity.

And to think I actually bothered puzzling over L. Wittgenstein. I did find quite a gem though: Wittgenstein Flies a Kite, by Susan G. Sterrett, NY 2006. This marvelous book describes Wittgenstein's early obsession with being a pioneering aviator, particularly in the field of kites.

And the very interesting question is: is there one? You know, I'm a trangressor too. I just never am sure what it is that I'm transgressing.
What are the scandalous limits in the case of references to Wittgenstein's aeronautical career? They are there, man. I'm crossing them right now. How do I look? Depraved? Damn-you-ram-you? Knave-ish?