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Thread: Dreams Publishing Co.

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    Dreams Publishing Co.

    A Christian publisher--they posted in a Yahoo Group about how they're looking for submissions. That alone raised a few red flags. I checked them out, and they offer both POD, e-pub, and print pub, but appear to have nothing in an actual bookstore. They admit they're new.

    Anyone know their authors? If their part of marketing is decent?

    My gut feeling is to walk away.


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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    It's always a red flag when a publisher offers both fee- and no-fee services. It's a conflict of interest, since the publisher can make much easier money by charging authors than by trying to sell books to the public.

    These folks may be well-intentioned, but they look pretty clueless to me. The book covers are hideous--another sign of amateurism. From what's said on the site, they don't even seem to offer as much availablility as the average POD self-publishing service. I'd say your gut feeling is correct.

    - Victoria

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