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Thread: Can you be sued for writing memoirs

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    Can you be sued for writing memoirs

    I'm really new to this site, but haven't seen this addressed so far. My memoir happened 33 years ago and I have put off publishing it because of the other person it involves (someone I almost married). I can change names, descriptions and locations but I can not change the events. The guy was a multiple personality with 4 different names and personalities and opinions, and I can't bring myself to change the names of the personalities, much less the events so it wouldn't be recognized. How can I publish this without someone remembering, notifying the other main character and getting a lawsuit for invasion of privacy. I hear that if only HE recognizes the story he can sue, even with names and descriptions changed. What can I do? I'll be publishing through LULU because no publisher would believe this really happened. Does a small website lessen my chances of him finding out about it before the statute of limitations runs out.
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