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Thread: Beware: Fake subscription renewal notices

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    Angry Beware: Fake subscription renewal notices

    A belated warning regarding scammers which pose as subscription renewal services. One such outfit hit F&SF last year:

    In short, be suspicious of any renewal offer from a third-party company. Names that appeared on the mailers:

    Magazine Payment Services
    PBE: Publishers Billing Exchange, Inc.
    Readers Payment Service

    The thread above provides more info on this particular instance and subscription scams in general (including what to do if you get caught by one).

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    It's not just literary magazines/books - I have several parakeets and subscribe to a bird care magazine, and a few months ago they had a warning on their editorial page to not reply to any letters regarding subscription renewals unless they came directly from their company address. They also advised readers not to answer any phone solicitations for renewals - those were also scams.
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