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Thread: The Old Neverending PublishAmerica Thread (Publish America)

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    Pretty much the true scoop as to why Lynn is gone....

    Thanks Ed, but my message was on the Mindsight board. I have been banned from the PA board for some time now, no great loss as far as I am concerned.

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    Ed Williams 3

    Violet, I'm sorry, no caffeine this morning...

    ....your post was on the Mindsight boards, and it was excellent. It saddens my heart to see people who are trying to do something with their writing get hounded and harassed by a talentless clown like HB. He seriously must have no life beyond those PA boards.

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    another one bites the dust

    Hi My name is Sheila, this is my comming out post.

    My post made it to the PA board, it lasted a minute

    OK, for what it is worthI was going to sit back and watch this disappear....

    I am so disgusted in this posting....
    I respected allot of you, I have been on this board since Sept.2002.It was Bill's post that gave me the confidence to come out of hiding.... I respect Bill the most on this board; I will miss your honesty and humour "Bill".
    PA gave me a chance by publishing my book.
    I am totally grateful! They have answered my emails, change errors, added a review from the Postpartum Depression International President and more. So I can say that. But to allow this exchange between authors is totally beyond words.

    CC was the only Pa author that stepped in about the issue with armed guards.... HB, Lynn, and Tracy are you calling them liars also.

    Lynn, Tracy I am at a total loss of words right now. Tracy you are a teacher, shame on you.... Lynn I really don't know what to say (of all people, not you)
    So now that I have added my opinion here, I am with Bill, I'm out of here. If I still have privileges to this POST, I will respond.

    Angels around you all


    Just incase my post dissapears from the PA message board

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    Ed Williams 3

    HB Marcus = PA Employee

    Since HB loves to "out" authors on the PA board who don't step in time to the tune he's playing, I thought it might be appropriate to cast a few thoughts out here in cyberland regarding him and his situation. Read through the following, and form your own conclusions...

    1. How does HB rate reviews like the following for "Crispy" on Amazon from the head guy at Publish America?

    Very funny!, April 3, 2002
    Reviewer: willem meiners from Cedar Rapids, IA USA
    The author is sharp witted, which sometimes makes him enemies. The book is fast paced, which can only make him friends. Crispy is funny, original, and just great entertainment. Smoky and Spider invent things out of the blue, and at some point you almost want them get caught by bad Chuck.
    I bought this book because I know the author, not personally, but from reading his diatribes on various message boards. I like where he's coming from, rock bands and all, and I just adore his capacity to rave and rant and say anything outrageous while always staying true to basic issues like love and loyalty. H.B. Marcus is a good man who wrote a good book. Both the author and his work are highly recommended!

    2. How does someone get an expense paid trip to the recent PA conference to lead a session on writing humor when he has such poor book sales? Last time I checked, out of 2200 some odd PA books on Amazon, "Crispy" was ranked 400 something, and "The Joe Schmoe Show" was up in the thousands.

    3. A recent quote off the PA boards from HB:

    "If you do good, I do good. It's as simple as that."

    I wonder just what exactly that means....

    I have a simple challenge for the board sensors over at the PA Message Boards - prove me wrong. Put down, in writing, for all the PA authors to see, that HB Marcus doesn't draw a dime from PA, not as an employee, a contract employee, an independent contractor, or whatever. Prove me wrong, if you can....if I'm right, all you PA authors need to take a hard, hard look at what sort of organization you're supporting with both your hard work and dollars...

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    FM St George

    Re: HB Marcus = PA Employee

    well, all one can hope for is that a lot of the PAvidians take a long hard look at themselves and the company they're supporting... given the treatment of their fellow authors, I'd not be surprised to see a major exodus away from PA.

    we'll never know it, of course - the censors at the boards won't allow goodbye notes and if they're smart the ones leaving won't annouce it and sneak away to avoid the psychopathic ravings that would no doubt follow such an annoucement...

    I'd say this has been a major blow to PA generally in their public image... no one in their right minds would accept a contract with PA after reading the rambling diatribes and ravings of a few of their "spokesmen"...

    so it goes...

  6. #406


    Please note that I just posted an announcement thread in the board by that name, dealing with PA/AH/EH. It has the same name as this post. It goes more or less along the lines of, "I am available to accept writer clients from anywhere in the world who feel they have been harmed by the practices of Publish America, AmErica House, Erica House, or any related organization, whether by libel, breach of contract, abusive business practices, or otherwise ..." Details are available there, or from me. E pluribus unam.

    Eric Biggs

  7. #407
    James D Macdonald

    Re: hmm... another escapee, it seems...

    What's the new publishing company being mentioned <a href="" target="_new">here</a>?

    Is it the same as Behler Publications?

    I'm utterly confused, though I'm looking at the car wreck with a kind of sick fascination....

  8. #408

    Re: hmm... another escapee, it seems...

    Behler Publications
    this was also something that HB covered in one of the now mysteriously deleted posts. Although he didn't mention it by name, he was saying that lynn had something to do with starting this company and trolled the pa boards to bring in more authors. something to that effect. from what i gathered, that's what he's talking about.

  9. #409
    Dodgem James

    Re: Another PA author's observation preserved

    "Dave, I'm really uncomfortable with the copyright aspects of reposting entire PA threads."

    Relax James, PA believes posts have public rights so long as they appear on more than one site.


  10. #410
    Dodgem James

    Re: "PA authors" don't leave...

    "Dodgy James, Dave Kuzminski has been a good guy and a benefactor to the writing community for years and years."

    Much like PA he's only a good guy so long as you stay a PEvidian.

    Dave doesn't like those who aren't blind to his shenanigans.

  11. #411

    Re: "PA authors" don't leave...

    Gosh, thought for a minute DJ was stepping up to take a position on the present shenanigans at the PA board -- sort of a "I found my 'nads and now I'm standing" kind of thing...but no, of course not. He just wanted to take a jab at Dave.

    How 'bout that Marcus...does ya proud to be a PA supporter, doesn't he, James?

    Oh well.

  12. #412
    FM St George

    Re: "PA authors" don't leave...

    well, if there's a good side to any of this, it's that a LOT of PA authors are seeing the true side of PublishAmerica - that they're unprofessionals who allow personal attacks to go on and on and on as long as it benefits the company. Their pit bull HB illustrates everything that should put you off going with PA - he's vulgar, rude and has already helped one would-be client to turn away from PA thanks to his diatribes and rantings and ravings...

    not bad for a weekend's work, eh?


    as for DJ - well, he wants to keep straddling the fence so let him... anyone who wants to keep HB as a friend is welcome to him, believe me!

  13. #413

    Re: "PA authors" don't leave...

    Dodgem, "______ doesn't like those who aren't blind to his shenanigans" is one of those near-perfect content-free generic comebacks, like "tu quoque" or "the lurkers support me in e-mail."

    The idea of Dave Kuzminski as a covert Machiavellian schemer does have a certain surreal charm, but I trust you don't expect me to believe it. If you do, you are much mistaken.

  14. #414

    Behler Publishing

    James - As far as I know, the new publisher listed in the PA thread you noted is not the same as Behler, which was started by Lynn Price and her husband Fred. There is a rather long, rambling thread over at Mindsight in which both Lynn and Fred were generous enough to answer many, many questions I asked about their company. If you want to read it, you will have to do some scrolling, but here is the link:


  15. #415
    James D Macdonald

    Re: Behler Publishing

    Could someone please pass to Fred and Lynn that they can beat digital printing prices by going offset with print runs lots lower than 2,000 copies?

    If they're planning initial press runs of 250, they might check places like this: <a href="" target="_new"></a>.

    They can compare prices with Lightning Source for the same 250 copies.

    I wish them luck.

  16. #416

    Good and Bad Count

    Contrary to Dodgem James' comments, P&E has never counted anyone as good or bad because they did or didn't like P&E. There are some good agencies and publishers out there that P&E doesn't recommend because our stated criteria for recommendations are based upon policies and business behavior that can be rated and not upon whether we think someone is good or bad.

    PublishAmerica didn't receive their initial "not recommended" rating from P&E based upon their attempts at extortion. It was based solely upon offering what was then an extremely bad contract. They went on to earn a "strongly not recommended" rating because of their extortion attempts and smear campaigns. The minor improvements in their contract have not been sufficient to balance what they offer.

    Numerous agencies and publishers have acceptable or "recommended" ratings from P&E despite having public opinions that differ. I can also state no agency or publisher has ever been rated negatively for having rejected anyone, including anyone working at P&E.

    In the meantime, Dodgem James, how are your sales? Mine are fine because they're handled by my publishers. Can you say the same about your publisher?

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    AC Crispin

    Post on "Take it Outside"

    For those who asked what might be written in a letter to the Maryland Attorney General's office, I posted some thoughts on the "take it outside board."

    If anyone wants to copy that post and re-post it over here, I'd be grateful. My comp won't do that, don't know why.

    -Ann C. Crispin

  18. #418

    Re: Post on "Take it Outside"

    Here it folks. Thank you Ann.

    If I were a PA author and going to write a letter to the Maryland Attorney General's office, I guess what I'd complain about would be stuffl like the following, adding in any personal information as it applies to the complaint, as appropriate:

    1. False advertising.

    a. PA claims to be a "traditional publisher" and they are demonstrably not.

    b. PA claims their contracts are "standard" and they are demonstrably not.

    c. PA claims they edit books, and they don't.

    d. PA claims the books they publish will be available in brick and mortar bookstores, on the shelves, and they're not.

    2. Deceptive or fraudulent practices/breach of contract.

    a. Any examples of PA making promises via their author services staff that were never carried out. (For example, encouraging authors to try and schedule booksignings, only to have the books be unavailable.)

    b. Rude, contemptuous communications from PA staff that basically refuse to address reasonable questions, etc.

    3. Any hanky panky with the royalties paid. I've seen complaints from people who KNOW they sold X books at a booksigning, only to not have those books turn up on their royalty statement.

    4. Any "semantic games" where PA attempts to deliberately mislead an author in their communications.

    Stuff like that.



    I can't port this post to the Bewares board, but if someone wants to re-post it there, I'd be grateful.

  19. #419

    legal help -- in diversity, strength

    Thanks to Ann for those thoughts.

    Please note that I just posted an announcement thread in the board by that name, dealing with PA/AH/EH. It has the same name as this post. It goes more or less along the lines of, "I am available to accept writer clients from anywhere in the world who feel they have been harmed by the practices of Publish America, AmErica House, Erica House, or any related organization, whether by libel, breach of contract, abusive business practices, or otherwise ..." Details are available there, or from me. E pluribus unam.

    Eric Biggs, Esq.

  20. #420

    refresh my memory

    does one with PA retain the e-publishing and foreign rights to their books? In other words, could those who published with PA (disgruntled ones) possibly e-pub their text to compete with the printed version?

    or are those rights gone too...

  21. #421

    PA's contract

    Having received and viewed a recent copy of PA's contract (one of several I have received over the years), I can state that PA takes all the publishing rights they can even though they may never use those. Forget selling your book to an overseas market like you can with a traditional, legitimate, royalty-paying publisher offering more than a token one-dollar advance. Those rights are taken by PA for that one-dollar advance.

    Like I've stated before, PublishAmerica has a poor contract. Strongly not recommended.

  22. #422

    Re: PA's contract

    i vaguely remember a discussion on rights over in the take it outside board, but i couldn't find them. also, i wasn't sure if the newer contracts were changed in any way. poor poor authors.

    thanks for the refresher dave!

  23. #423
    Ed Williams 3

    For a moment of levity...'s HB preaching the gospel over on the PA boards...

    "Then of course there's that 7 year deal with the contract. A new author can't have a realistic chance with anything other publishers offer. PA gives you a chance to establish a fan base. The average person doesn't have that kind of time with promoting at another publisher. If your book isn't selling off the shelves in a couple months with other publishers, they pull it and you have to try establishing yourself while in out of print-like status.

    I've met a lot of authors since I've been with PA that chose this publisher over deals on the table with others. I've seen established authors go with PA. That's why I know I made the right choice. Taking a sequel somewhere else and starting all over doesn't make sense."

    I would love to know just who these "established authors' are...further in the thread someone references Random House as one of the publishing houses authors have left to go with PA....

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    James D Macdonald

    See it quick before it goes away....

    <a href="" target="_new"></a>

    Good quotes:

    ... He [the events manager at Books-a-Million] said that they changed their policy about a year ago on recieving POD titles. Even if they were regional. My book is now released and the books can't be bought at Books-A-Million like I thought.... Have yall been facing this same problem? I've seen some crappy books on their shelves that looked like they had been there since the 70's. He said that's why they had to change their policy.... I even told them that if they'd order just 2 copies, that if they didn't sell, I'd buy them back at their cost. Problem is, they won't even order it....


    Same here in Lawrenceville, GA.... I offered to buy the books and stock them on dice....

    I feel sorry for those guys. They believed what PA told them. Two more happy authors on their way to discovering reality.

  25. #425

    Re: See it quick before it goes away....

    anyone following this thread?

    maybe this should be a lesson to authors about using real names.

    here are the reviews (they are particularly nasty)

    it's an interesting only if they could spell...

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