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Thread: [Magazine] AntiqueWeek

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    Question [Magazine] AntiqueWeek

    Has anyone dealt with this Antique Week?? I submitted an article and within minutes received an offer to write a weekly or bi-weekly column--my choice of topic, either historical, opinion, or factual. Later emails yielded more details--if they have space they use it, if not it's printed in the next issue, pays $50-75 a shot once a month and no contract. Then they asked for a sample piece. Too good to be true? The work would involve quite a bit of research as well as pics. Your take? Wings of Song

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    Why ask for a sample piece when you were (presumbably) offered the column based on the article you submitted?

    Is this an online mag or 3D? If the former, how about providing a url to check them out? Right now it only smells mildly fishy and could be 100% legit.
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    Is this the one?

    As for mags wanting a new sample piece, I'd expect they're looking to determine how fast/well a new columnist can write from scratch. For all they know, the initial submission could be years old and thus far more polished than regular work.

    The "no contract" is alarming, though.

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