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Thread: The Guild

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Dec 2005

    The Guild

    I didn't know whether or not to post this, but I joined several writing boards and barely post now. I've talked to a few members here who were members at this particular board and was informed the emails I recieved were in fact lies. I (as well as a few other members) recieved emails asking for money since the forum was going under if they did not recieve funds. They (the owners of the site) claimed it was due to PublishAmerica and they (PA) were sending out fake emails asking for the cash in the forums name. PA was not behind this email and yet were taking the rap.

    No one understood this, so they posted questions. The questions were then belittled and put down, accusing those who asked of lying and that no such emails were sent. One member posted a copy of the email in question and said here is the original version. The owner deleted the email immediately. The owner of the site then informed everyone she only sent one email asking for money, not ten or more. The owner said the site had been paid up since two months before the emails were sent and would not be going under within a month as the original email said. We were informed the site was paid till mid year of 2007.

    I didn't want anyone to say I was discriminating against the site, so I didn't post the name or owners, but I just wanted to inform everyone that the site was lying and asking for money, then declared it was not true. Then said it was but changed dates and amounts of money around. I have no longer posted there since the incident and noticed no one else has either. Only the two owners are posting and a member or two.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Far from the madding crowd
    SouthernWriter, I understand when people don't want to name names, but the information in your post isn't very useful without knowing the name of the site.

    - Victoria

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Dec 2005
    You're right. It was and I enjoyed it for the short time I was there. Now, I will show the topic and email I recieved. I am only doing this because it was a lie. I recieved other pm's from ppl here that I knew over there and they told me this was not the first lie posted.

    The Email:
    This is a message from the The Guild community administrator:

    This community expires on: January 12, 2007 (34 days left). It will
    cost around $30.00/6 months.

    I`m not sure if anyone wants to keep it open, but if you do I will
    need financial help to do so. The community chest is open.


    Return to: The Guild

    ________________ connecting people like you ________________

    From the site:

    Dear Ed and Sootie,

    I tried replying to the emails that are being sent out asking me to visit the Guild. Well, getting me here finally worked now that I'm so annoyed by the daily emails piling up in my inbox.

    I could not locate an email address on the Guild to contact anyone about this. I tried emailing you through Sooties Press, but no answer.

    I am heart in hand with you guys when it comes to exposing Publish America for what it really is. They are a scam of the most wicked kind.

    But for weeks now I've been getting emails from the Guild that have become annoyances, especially the one asking for money. Finally I replied to the emails asking politely for the emails to cease. But Postfix email server sent me messages saying they could not deliver my message.

    You have to consider that not everyone wants to be getting emails almost every day asking them to come to the Guild. It gets annoying. If you want people to join the Guild there has got to be better ways then sending out emails every day for weeks.

    I do apologize that I had to post a message about this. It's nothing personal. It's just that since I can't get a reply, I thought this was the only way to reach you.

    XXXX (name removed)
    XXXX, I would remain skeptical that the Guild is sending those. There have been past instances of false emails being sent out that claimed to be from the Guild or one of its members. I would keep in mind that one of PA's owners also owns a computer network company. Additionally, there was a time just a few years ago when spam and other activities initiated from what appeared to be Willem's home area in Europe where some of his relatives live and work remotely for PA. It's been my experience that PA typically goes after any sites that don't have legal representation on retainer in hopes of closing them down to limit criticism and hopefully intimidate others into remaining quiet.
    Well, this really has nothing to do with PA.

    XZ hasn`t been with The Guild in a very long time. He moved on with his career and is doing very well.

    ZZZZ and I send out an email now and again, but not every day. If you are getting (multiple) emails asking for money, they aren`t coming from us.

    I have no control over who and who doesn`t get an email from ezboard when I do send one out, XXXX. That is a feature that YOU have to change in your personal ezboard account. You can check off a box in your account so that you do not receive them.

    I am a third party to your account and can do nothing from my end.

    (This was a very quick snarky reply after the person could not fix the email sender):

    Comes to The Guild, moans about emails, disrupting the PA thread, members try to be helpful explaining she needs to change her own settings, and in the end she quits anyway. Seems perfectly logical to me.
    I have been recieving these too, asking to fund The Guild or else it will go under?????

    I got them daily for nearly three weeks. I will go look one up to show you.
    After declaring the emails never asked for money, this is said:

    I sent out one email asking for financial support, and a few other emails letting our members know what was going on at this site. So in answer to your question, I did.

    Now can we please move on? Thank you.
    After a twenty minute pause, and deleting a few posts in the thread about the email, this is another reply from the same person:


    I have been recieving these too, asking to fund The Guild or else it will go under?????
    I got them daily for nearly three weeks. I will go look one up to show you.

    I sent out 1 (one) e-mail asking for financial support, which I do every six months when our time runs out here.

    You see, that is why we have a community chest at the bottom of our site, so that members can contribute to keeping this site running. It is not an uncommon thing, a deadly sin, or a black plague. I really wish members would stop stretching the truth.

    If a member wishes not to be on our mailing list, then they just need to uncheck the box in their settings which states they would like to receive emails from administration.

    I can't find where it was said that July was the cutoff date, but they said it. I'm sorry, alot of this stuff got deleted and I couldn't find it now.

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    New Hampshire
    There was a spate of pornographic emails purporting to be from Ed and Sooty; I got several of them. (But they came to the address you can find for me in public, not my private address, that the purported sender knows.)

    I'm quite certain that there's someone out there who means them ill, and who uses email in an attempt to harm them.

    The headers on those emails might be very interesting.

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Dec 2005
    That's just it, she admitted they were from her, but only after several reported recieving them. I had no ills to the site or the owners till they lied openly about this.

    It was told to me by several this was not the first time lies were told on the board and then the owners contradicted themselves. I just hate being lied to about anything or anyone. If they needed money, yes the email was okay to send out, no problems there. I don't like someone saying "Oh no, that wasn't me...ooh yeah it was?"

    I just couldn't find it easy to trust the site after they put ppl down for asking, then professed it was in fact the truth.

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    Comic guy Bartholomew's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Kansas! Again.
    That site appears to be a carbon copy clone of this one, except its on a free server...

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    'Twas but a dream of thee El Jefe MacAllister's Avatar
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    Out on a limb
    I'm actually going to close this, now. We do try to leave other board stuff on those boards, and not bring it home. Thanks for the heads up, SouthernWriter.


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